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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre with the help of Rob Potter (13 Handicap) tests the new TaylorMade SLDR S 16 Degree driver with GC2 so that we can see how it works for Rob and how it may work for you.

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Stompy77 says:

Lofting up is also useful if you wish to have a higher kickpoint shaft that
has a bit of weight to it. An example is my current setup, I have a True
Temper TX-90 S shaft tipped 1.5 inches and cut to 42 inches mated with an
11.5 degree Nike VR Pro head. The TX-90’s kickpoint is around the
middle-high, tip it 1.5 inches and the kickpoint is now closer to the grip,
and then put a hot-head driver like the Nike VR Pro, and you’ll get some
weird numbers. I took this setup to Trackman.

Spin: ~2000-2200 RPM, Launch angle: ~13.5-14 degrees, Carry distance: ~288
yards, Ball speed: ~164 MPH, Swing speed: ~116 MPH, Projected total
distance: ~310-318 YARDS!

I used to game an original 9.5 VR Tour head, and I was not getting nearly
as good of numbers with that head! Spin numbers were in the upper 3000’s.
Even though the total distance is never something to trust, I’m still
keeping the 11.5 degree head on because it’s also more forgiving since it’s
more lofted. My friends and random people I play with laugh when I pull
out an 11.5 degree driver. It’s only when the ball flies passed there ball
that they go “what the hell”?

Robert Potter says:

Rick, I cannot thank you enough for (1) the opportunity to demonstrate the
club through the eyes of a mid – handicap golfer. (2) going through the
fears and thoughts many have on this Loft – Up concept and actually
dispelling the myth now. TAYLORMADE you neeeeed to explain it better in
common sense English, otherwise Amature golfers won’t trust you! Use a demo
video with a Pro like Justin Rose and also 3 mid – high hcp golfers.
Finally (3) and most importantly….. THANK YOU soooooooooooooo much for
allowing me to have the Driver! That was a very unexpected ending to the
Vlog and I’m very humbled for it.

asianutuber says:

hello, would you say the normal sldr would be geared towards better players
and low handicappers,
I just bought one for $200, 10.5 loft but i am a high handicapper.
Im wondering what you take on this is 

Keith Jones says:

Great video rick!

Been meaning to message for a while saying how nice it would be to see a
mid handicapper (10-16) hitting their own irons ie Taylormade CBTP from
2005 against the new range of 20014CBTP to see if technology really is as
big an improvement as the manufacturers say rather than seeing someone like
yourself who flushes it (most of the time)

Keep up the good work :)

Golfguy076 says:

Can I have one please? :)

fullwerkes says:

+RickShielsPGAGolf good review. You should of shown us the fade setting and
how that effected the distance with it being straighter.

grumpy2159 says:

Good vid rick. To see a slower club head speed on a club review, excellent.
What loft fairway would he need ?

11hoursoff says:

How far away is he?

Robert Potter says:

One last thing. My Twitter is @crashtest_dobby and not what Rick put up
with the typo lol

Hacker2024 says:

Quality gesture Rick and a cracking informative vid! Keep up the good work
in 2015! 

Ian Roberts says:

Great video. Certainly made his day with the gift of the driver. One
question though rick, is the whole loft up theory applicable to the R1
driver as well what with all the different loft choices it has. Have mine
set at 12 deg . Or does it only work with the design of the SLDR. Cheers
and keep up the good work. 

Stephane Gauthier says:

Great vid. I was wondering how those 16* would do…
I swing it around 105+mph and my trajectory tends to be lowish with my old
FT-9 10degrees so maybe I’ll try a 12degrees first.


Robert Singh says:

More vids like this! Really love to see “ordinary” people hit drivers :)

Quantum Gamer says:

Top man rick that was a nice touch at the end

Dtyler171 says:

Lol, a modern 3 iron lofted driver

I need the 6.5 degree sldr. =P

cmares5858 says:

nice swing Rob! I was not expecting that, you have very nice tempo.

Maniam Raman Chettiar says:


fraser carnihan says:

Rob’s face was brilliant when you gave him the club! Great work and great

Maniam Raman Chettiar says:

where can i get 16 degree TAYLORMADE SLDR R DRIVER

Andy Yeomans says:

As an aside, I took my TM R7 Quad HT to the range today, just for the hell
of it. When was that introduced? 10 years ago? Since I last played that I
have bought and played a TM Burner and a TM Burner Superfast 2.0 HT; I have
also tried the SLDR several times, the RBZ, the Ping G30, several Cobras
etc etc. the Superfast 2.0 has stayed in the bag for a long time as the
others could not better it. BUT, the R7 may go back in the bag – I had
forgotten what a great club it is. Why did I change? I didn’t have a launch
monitor but the ball felt great off the face with a good flight and
accuracy. I would love to compare and contrast this club

Leigh Cowie says:

Echo the thoughts; nice touch to give him the boom stick he was hitting

Dont worry about head winds I play in the north west in sometimes severe
head winds and since getting my SLDR in 11.25 (fitting; up from a 8.5
driver) my distance has maximised into the wind as my spin was measured on
trackman at about 1800 avg. Great piece of tech when fitted properly.

I think the problem with the 16* is the whole clubhouse ego and not wanting
to be seen with a high lofted driver, dont worry as you smash it past the
guy with the 7.5 club after you have been properly fitted !!!

Strat TelePaul says:

I had a similar swing speed with the TM drivers, and also pulled everything
left of target. I then tried the Callaway Razr Fit Xtreme from the closeout
rack and just blew it past the Taylormade. It had a heavier X flex shaft
which I could swing about 8mph faster, and my ball speed went up by 10.
This was just the standard X flex as opposed to the tour x. I wound up with
the 10.5 degree head set to open and have not looked back. Not that SLDR is
bad, just wasn’t for me. Spin numbers with the Callaway were similar.

Rick Shiels PGA says:

16 DEGREE TAYLORMADE SLDR S DRIVER #LoftUp @TaylorMadeTour @Taylormadegolf

Andrew Foulds says:

Top stuff and nice touch at the end, Rick ur a top guy #thumbsup

Rich Glover says:

Good video. I went through similar thoughts when trying my SLDR out
regarding the loft. I used to play a 8.5 degree Ping i20 but changed to a
10.5 SLDR. Which doesn’t sound too scary, but was a little strange for me
at the time. I do encourage everyone to try/buy this driver though, it’s

Jesper Rodin Augustsson says:

wow, did he hit 6 up on the ball? insane, but i like it

Colm McCaffery says:

Rick that was great to see and demonstrated you point well but looking at
his consistent shot grouping would you recommend a) adjust the driver to be
just a touch less draw bias [presumably straightening him out a tad] or b)
would you get him aiming left a fraction at setup or c) aiming as he is but
swinging out a few more degrees ?

Ronnie McCurry says:

Could we here more of this guys life story instead of a club test. I must
be on the wrong channel. 

Richard tighe says:

i am swinging at about 100-103 mph,just got the sldr 9.5 head lofted up to
11, it hit more fairways at 11deg, but i can move the slider to full fade
to full draw, don’t really see any difference, can you see a difference on
GC2, or you ball flight?
thx. great videos. 

Phill Rudd says:

Very generous Ric, Kudos.
Ric, I’ve often wondered what would you consider the optimum or reasonable
height for a driver to be and how would the height of rob’s drives compare
to yours or even a tour pro’s? Numbers numbers numbers :)

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