1978 Masters Tournament Final Round Broadcast

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whetedge says:

R.I.P. Hubert Green. This was the closest he ever got to a Green Jacket, but he had his chances on 16 and 18.

oliver izzard says:

Sève at 16 ?‍♂️. Classic though, maybe that moment inspired Van de Velde many years later.

oliver izzard says:

6:12 did that ball bounce before the water and land accross???

Aaron Bader says:

I love how so many guys used to wear the green pants on Sunday. Bold statement.

cjs83172 says:

One interesting note about the broadcast of the final round of the 1978 Masters was that is was shorter than some of the other final round broadcasts of that period. The reason was that the final round of the 1978 Masters was played on the same day that John Havlicek played his final game for the Boston Celtics, and CBS scheduled that Celtics game to run right before their final round coverage of the Masters, and it ran long, cutting substantially into what was intended to be the time window for CBS' coverage of the final round of the '78 Masters.

I Only Do Comments, People. says:

I'm surprised this tournament doesn't get replayed in the same kind of light as years like 1960, 1975 or of course 1986.
This one had it all, a huge comeback by a legend, and drama to the very end starring two of the OTHER best players of the era (and Rod Funseth.)
I mean… 4 way tie with 5 holes to go, 3 way tie with 3 holes to go… Drama at its finest.

Nick Deakin says:

Seeing Seve in his young prime breaks my heart…..what a wonderful gifted genius of a player he was. So loved across the world and so sadly missed, he was my sporting hero as a kid but its great that these masters last days can be seen.

Michael Madden says:

Such class acts. a true inspiration

Jacqueline Davison says:

tough to watch my favorite player Watson three putt to lose the lead and then have Player take it down with a crazy downhilll putt. only thing worse was Watson losing the british open on the last hole at age 59

erskine68 says:

2nd year in a row the final pairing are dressed very alike… 1977 featured an orange pants pairing

O. G. says:

13:24 Champions Swing!

AndresSotoMarin says:

Great putt by Gary Player at 47:12. Ties a then-course record of 64 to become oldest champion at the time. Young Seve hugs him as if he had won it himself! Then a minute later defending champion Tom Watson holes an exciting putt at 16. An exciting Masters, a bit overshadowed by '86, but with the same ingredients: an older legend makes a comeback and several players fail to hole putts on 18 to tie. Could we hope for the same in 2018, 40 years later?
At 1:17:10: Green has to step away from his putt to tie because he overheard a radio announcer saying something. Anticlimatic!

tubiephrank0707 says:

1978 TV Announcers
11 & 12: Pat Summerall
13: Jack Whittaker
14: Ken Venturi
15: Ben Wright
16: Jim Thacker
17: Frank Glieber
18: Vin Scully

I don't know the name of the letter font used for the onscreen info graphics. It was used only in 1978 by CBS for its PGA Tour & Masters Coverage. The 1978 graphics are my 2nd favorite, topped only to those used by CBS from 1992 to 1996.

Kenneth Lee says:

Nicklaus, Player. Watson, Ballesteros, Trevino, etc all in their playing prime. Wonderful to watch

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