1997 Mercedes Championships golf – Sunday broadcast edited – Tom Lehman vs Tiger Woods

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Christian Cunningham says:

I am not Tiger Woods.
But damn, wouldn’t that be nice?

TheNYgolfer says:

“one thing for sure this ball will be 20 to 30 yards right of the hole”. I
think he meant millimeters :)

tommy probrooks says:

Nice Video. Do you have video for 2000 Mercedes Championship?

Viktoras Vorobjovas says:

12:53 LOL at young Finchem

fierra76 says:

If you’re a superstar, it’s really not an option to be candid with the
media. Look at Phil Mickelson. Phil is one of the most beloved athletes in
the history of sports, but when he made the mistake of suggesting that his
taxes are too high, they ripped his throat out.

avy gadol says:

he is the greatest the game ever will see

andrew9966 says:

Man the late 90’s-early 2000’s was a fun time for golf! I love these
uploads to watch these old classics.

God of War says:

I remember this battle like yesterday. Tiger stuck that Par 3 shot one foot
to the hole and that was all she wrote. Tiger said ‘not today Tommy boy’,

User 212 says:

Bet he does it again

avy gadol says:

“son no matter what people say about you no matter what people write about
you you still have to go out there and execute the chance no one can do
that for you”

User 212 says:

Junked it into the water??!! Hahaha

S. SH says:

Yep, anytime you excel at anything in life, you open yourself up to
people’s scrutiny. It’s all about money in the end 🙂

jigs9600able says:

Say what you will about Tiger…this is why he was able to dominate golf so
convincingly and for so long. When a shot HAS to be made, he makes it…and
everyone else doesn’t.

Golf219 says:

Thanks a bunch for uploading this I love Lehman!

A Ki says:

Well if they didn’t spend so much time trashing him over these last 5 years
then he would be more open.

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