1999 PGA Championship golf Sunday final round edited

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August 15, 1999: Entering the final round, Mike Weir and Tiger Woods are tied for the lead at -11; Stewart Cink and Sergio Garcia are tied for third at -9.


Author No1 says:

Sergio’s history as a racist and cold player belies the emphasis the
commentators raised. Since this tournament the golf industry placed
Michelson in the unenviable position as the “great white hope”. And of
course he was and is incapable of living up to the standard. Isn’t racism
dandy for the sport? Whats next – drugs?

alan frazer says:

Garcia was a huge let down in terms of winning majors; Woods was a huge let
down in terms of speaking out for blacks and being a tosser to Elin

amlnet49 says:

This entire broadcast was a hype machine for this supposed “rivalry”
between Tiger and Sergio which was just a CBS creation for that weekend,
though ABC picked up on it later with a match between the two the next
summer. The legacy of Tiger from 1999-2009 was that he had no peers, and
was not caught up in those media created rivalries.

Brandon Luft says:

Crazy to think that outside of British Open 2007, this was the closest he
ever got to a major. Truly a disappointing career. The “fried chicken”
comment was the final nail. 

curato37 says:

1:49:53, hilarious time for a tiger commercial

sensibleadult says:

If it features Eldrick Woods, I turn it off.

famefed01 says:

this shot garcia did is just 1 in a miilion no wonder he never became on
par with woods look at what he did would be pursued in other competitions
and would not have gone like this shot and must have taken ano ther couple
of shots that would have not have won any competition also act like a bull
he has not won many majors reason acted like he did like the shot against
the tree

peartfaldo says:

44:42…keep looking Sergio…keep looking….

Golf Swing says:

Wow!! this is one from the archives,thanks for the upload :)

Dexter Morgan says:

power serge

maryellen richards says:

@48:52 lmao “i hate him though” lololol

maryellen richards says:

@danedupont LMAO

fierra76 says:

Agree. If anyone can upload better quality video, I’ll happily link to it.

peartfaldo says:

54:55:OR maybe it would be Tiger and……….

Bluecrew27 says:

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Ryan Silver says:

the fist bump existed back then ?

Dane Dupont says:

Sergio still can’t have nice things…

Chocolaterain2471617 says:

I miss these days!

Chocolaterain2471617 says:

1:08:08 Mark Maguire and Sammy Sosa! lol,,,,

Chocolaterain2471617 says:

1:06:20 to 1:06:30 This is why Sergio can’t win a major!

Ben Hietanen says:

By far the best part of the video. That is so funny in so many different
ways in hindsight

vikis200 says:

1:22:16 tree shot

ricky100593 says:

YES!!!! so glad i found this!!!!!!!!

MisterBluee says:

you are a golfing hero for posting this my friend!

Nick Parker says:

McGuire/Sosa? WOW, yeah this is old, but i’m glad someone has posted this
on here. I was 12 watching this i believe…

peartfaldo says:

41:26 Ummm where do i start???

Connor Green says:

2:07:00 hahahaha that made my night

Mai World says:

i shoot a 32 on 72 courses

Chocolaterain2471617 says:


danny eyes says:

Tiger seems really happy with his distance control here

huest2tgier says:

720p woulda been nice.. just saying

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