2 IRON REVIEW: Taylormade P790 UDI VS Titleist T-mb 718

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Brock sherwood says:

Only one issue in this video. I could tell before you ever swung either club that you were going to like the Titleist more because your mind was set on the Titleist. You talked about the weight is heavier in the stock TMB Shaft and head and heavier fits your swing better. Would need overall club weight identical with same shafts and swing weight to be comparable. Wonder if TaylorMade makes the UDI Head in same weight as TMB for customers or not. I bet if they were identically weighted they would be very comparable flight and accuracy but TaylorMade would be 5-10 yards longer. Getting it from TaylorMade is another story. Backordered till October through Custom Department. You should compare one of those GAPR Low to the TMB but have a heavy steel shaft in the GAPR swing weighted properly.

Zach Starkey says:

Any chance you could sell me the tmb 2 iron. I'm a hs golfer and am looking to get one

Allen Aubin says:

Please steady the camera on your videos! your reviews are good but the videos are hard on the eyes.

haltoi01 says:

I’ve been playing a t mb for a couple of years now and it’s the go to club for a windy links course

Nate Ross says:

I love my TMB 2 Iron. Ive played it for about 2 years. I also play a PXG 1 Iron. I'd love to see a 1, 2, Driver Challenge. Or maybe stack a premium priced driver like my $1k XXIO Prime against some of the American stuff. Great videos!

Becker Ferrer says:

Anybody else notice his right pointer finger move as he starts his swing?

allo cromeau says:

P790……had a 3udi rsi tp……should have never sold it…….

Adrian Adams says:

I've hit them both . The tmb is sweet looking but I think the p790 feels more powerful. I got fitted for Ap2 718 pw-4 but I also got a Ap3 iron bent to 17 degrees it's a beast and feels great I've Kbs X caper 130 shafts through the set .

oaklandpaving says:

Maybe, i think you would be better with 6.5 x stiff shaft and you may find fairway centre more, probably get one of these myself.

Ted Becker says:

I absolutely love the insane looks on your face for your videos as click bait. Every one is unique and crazy cool. I am single are you?

ryan denford says:

what balls are you using are they range balls or the balls u game day to day and if so what balls do u game and why

Paul Bown says:

Good man!
That’s the review I wanted to see!

Many thanks

Tyler Bean says:

Yeah I wouldn’t post a comparison with 2 completely different shafts. if you’re shelling out money for a long iron like these odds are you’re going to use a shaft you either know or are getting fitted for. So to post a video as a head to head it’s a bit of a misnomer, if I was truly watching this video for help on which iron to pick I would have a hard time doing so

Kendall Ward says:

I got the p790 and I have never fell in love with a club as fast as I did with it. nothing but greatness.

Jonas Andersen says:

You should change the camera angle so we can actually see the shots 🙂

danthemanwhocancan says:

I love my driver, I love my 3 wood, I really like my irons and wedges and my putter is just dandy. But Man I wish I could have a full set of 2 irons!!

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