2 year old Golf Prodigy, King Weber: Toddler Golfer w the Phenom Swing

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Our 2 year old toddler golfer, Kingsley Weber, seems to have quite the golf swing. Watch him drive, chip and putt. That's what he asks to do every day — hit golfballs. UPDATES now at KingWeber.com as King's golf has grown a life of its own.

Back story: We are definitely a sports family (anything with a ball) though not golfers, per se. But after his dollar-store plastic club exploits, we bought him an old cut-off Spalding steel 7-iron ($3), and some used golf balls for the backyard… and quickly realized we better let him roll with this theme.

All this video (except for the early plastic club shot) was recorded in the 63 days following April 8, 2015 (the day we bought him his first club) On that day, King was age 2yrs 217 days old.

Some people have told us he reminds them of the 2 year old Tiger Woods. A bit of a stretch, probably. For now, King's job is just to be a kid, have fun, and follow his passion — which does appear to be golf, as that's ALL he talks about. If it turns out he's still crazy about golf next year (he probably will be), we will crank up the facilitation to try and keep up with him.

King may not be left-handed, but we think the Bubba Watson comparison works better. King is a funny kid, has a big heart, marches to his own drum, likes golf trick shots, will (hopefully) develop Bubba-like perspective on the priorities of life… And he won't be getting a swing coach or a golf lesson any time soon. 🙂

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Pat Whittet says:

This kid sucks. Overrated.

Road to 1000 subscribers With no videos says:

He hits better than my 9 year old neighbors

Roni Wilson says:

His hands are spread apart

Roni Wilson says:

When he says worlds longest golf ball shot

Roni Wilson says:

If I shot were he was I would hit the road

Matt Wilson says:

He will be a great golfer some day

Jason Wilson says:

any update on this little guy? my 3 year old has been hitting at the diving range dine he was a year and a half. best wishes to you and your little champ there.

Amore M says:

These golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it) have given me a grasp not only on the how, but the why of the different aspects of a good golf swing. I have read the book 2 times and realized 15 yards more on all irons, 25 more on my driver. I am now more confident and happier when golfing.

paul wignall says:

every credit…..start young ?

DANKKY says:

He really good

Matt .Green says:

Wow-kid is amazing! Better on the 35 yarder than most

Riley Walker says:

when he said world golf shot I can hit my 4 Iron 20 x as far

Airsoft will gaming says:

talking girls at 2years? LOL?

Junior Golfer Kid says:

That kid is better than me! ?

Marvelous Nemo says:

THIS KID IS BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SaltyPretzel101 says:

I remember my first clubs when I was a 1 year old now I'm 13 years old and I have an obsession over golf I golf everyday after school from 2:30 to 6:00

Be Limitless says:

This is awesome. What a talented tyke. What a great story about fathers who help inspire their kids in sports.

Ryan Crum says:

Why is the cup so big

Daniel harman says:

When he gets a little older make sure he changes his grip

Louie Palumbo says:

Love seeing kids play golf…

andreskizzo says:

Great job Kingsley! PS: love your name

I'm Special says:


carti zack says:

This is so cool,dont burn him out though he can become like tiger someday,thats what im trying im 13 with a 6 handicap

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