2012 Memorial Tournament

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kguknow says:

“Leafhopper” (yes thats its real name) has something to do with Tigers
extraordinary shot at 16th hole….notice the commentators saying
“hop”…WEIRD!!!! check it 2:00:38 

ciyean says:

Love the tiger fist pump. So iconic.

Dale Tiger says:

The ball isn’t getting in the hole from over 400 yards or more.

Dale Tiger says:

The memorial is my favorite non major.

dat dere says:

lol “that’s why i avoid the bunkers like a tax increase”, well done
Governor of Ohio… (about 28:30)

Dale Tiger says:

Members bounce.

Jude Boag-matthews says:

33:24 broke out of prison

Dale Tiger says:

Get in the hole.

HeidisBrother says:

Why is Sabbatini soooo annoying to watch?? I would HATE to have to play a
round with that guy.

Alberto Jiménez says:


Rohan The Boat says:

What is the song at the start?

TheArfdog says:

14:37 “it’s only fun when they go in” … Faldo don’t argue with Jack

tony t. says:

Thank you for posting the video!

Paul Diesselberg says:

Can you please look at my new ball flight cam video? Love your vids! 🙂

James Mozee-Leyser says:

nice putt

Tygearianus says:

I don’t know what all this tie Jack Nicklaus nonsense is about. I kinda
thought it was a given that he would smash that record given his young age

diarrheasplatter says:

1:46:45 fantastic shot by Rory!

Jeremy Bader says:

2:19:00 oh shit, he’s gonna tie me in PGA tournament wins

God of War says:

Not sure if Tiger is really back. He wins this Memorial Tournament last
year but this year he shot his worst ever. Hmmm

Zug75 says:

i was barely heard dumbass!

Dane Dupont says:

All of the longer uploads featuring the Masters have been scrubbed from
YouTube today… the official start of Masters week.

Zug75 says:

because it was MASHED! plus i didnt say it right when he hits the ball. i
waited a couples seconds so it doesnt distract him. and not as loud as the
others that do interfere with players. just look up fans yelling mashed
potatoes and you’ll see what im talking about. i did it more professional.

ninjadann says:

@44:37 tiger shot and slow mo break down. awesome!

Craig Davis says:

BEAUTIFUL intro 1:54:32. Smooth sneeze to relax the nerves on the final few
holes of this riveting tournament!

Fongfongmc says:

It was funny when it was rare. Now some idiot will yell it out just about
every time anyone tee’s off.

Brian Mortensen says:

so bogus.

Alex ran says:

great videos…..keep going,i love them

DrSlinkyWW says:

Feherty needs to commentate every tournament ever!!!!

beatles373 says:

Now why would you want to do that?

SSuper1976 says:

BufoGolfVideos1: I need again the 2009 Final Round of The Masters again! It
has been deleted from youtube. I’m from Argentina, thanks.

doctorflush1 says:

Thanks good stuff

Jeremy Bader says:

congratulations! your idiocy was recorded on tv!

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