2012 PDGA Disc Golf World Championships — Junior Division Highlights

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Gamaliel Araiza says:

due ur good at throwing the disc your just like me I throw like that too am
11 yrds old

Matt Nemmers says:

Just a benign observation here….

Why is it that at the beginning of this video all these kids spouted off
their PDGA membership number after they said their names like it was a
penitentiary ID number EXCEPT the black kid? Does the PDGA not allow
African Americans to join? Because if they do, I have a problem with that.

Chris Davies says:

So freaking cool to see kids playing, and playing so well! Fantastic that
half their favourite players are their Dads – that is just awesome. Desiree
is going to be a wicked Disc Golf Babe in 8-10 years! 🙂 Not a very good
takeoff of The Knack’s “My Sharona” song.

HeavenlySnipez says:

The kid @4:01 is clearly the next Matt Orum for sure! lol

Lucky Stroup says:

The kids said it best. Just have fun.

James Cadwell says:

D.J. Baldwin hangs with the big dos at could book park in climax mi

Ferrin Coleman says:

The kids are too cute 🙂 Surprisingly talented, too!

CleanTreFlip says:

boy at 4:49 falls when he throws hahahaha

Drix says:

Awesome video. It wasn’t a foot foul at 7:21 actually Siamchains. Close but
no. Sad that you would call out a kid like that though lol.

shawnowen720 says:

I just met D.J. Baldwin. He played a game with us and I let him throw my
disc in the parking lot and lost it ( he threw it really far) so he gave me
a signed discraft crystal z buzzz it’s sick.

s Vincent says:

foot foul at 7:21

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