2012 Ryder Cup Recap

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David Keenan says:

Did he say Europe reclaimed the Cup?
Anyway, I think the Americans were gracious hosts, & their players played
fantastic golf. Ours just played that tad better. It made the winning all
that more special.
Jesus, if Tiger had been firing on all cylinders they’ve crush us, but we
had the spirit of Seve & the inspiration of Poults.

aasshh183 says:

You got to love the Ryder cup!!

randoman1900 says:

USA worst supporters in history! Disgusting!

NLPrometheus says:

poulter is the hero of this ryder cup

Alex DeLarge says:

You cant some this up in two minutes! Europe threw down best comeback ever,
way to go boys!

infsq says:

Ian Poulter is the best ryder cup player!

The LoudAssasin says:


rcfrenzy16 says:

What a great comeback from Europe way to go, fun to watch!

BuckeyeGuy3zZ says:

USA lost it but at the same time Europe earned the win. i am a huge USA fan
but i gotta give it to the Europeans

Max Birch says:

Haha I love the USA are such bad loosers :’)

newdad7177 says:

Poulter is a BEAST!!! Best matchplay golfer on the planet right now. I was
so glad to see those arrogant cocky Yanks get beaten!

DaEvilFruju says:

I love how players celerbrate winning a hole in the ryder cup more than
they celebrate winning a regular tournament. its so incredible! Ian Poulter
has got to be the most inspirational!

R3dbullSalzburg says:


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