2013 Callaway Junior Worlds Day 1

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Date recorded: 16th July 2013
Event: Callaway Junior World Golf Championships
Age division: Boys 11-12 Years
Karl's Age: 11 years
Field Overall Size: 1300 players
Players in this 11-12 Boys Age division: 143 players
Yardage 6050 Yards
Par: 72
Karl's score: 71
Position in field: Tied 10th
Leaderboard url: http://jwgc.bluegolf.com/bluegolf/jwgc13/event/jwgc132/contest/10/leaderboard.htm
Karl's website: www.karlgolf.info

Description: Karl had an awful start to this year's first round, missing short putts on the Poa Greens on holes 2, 3 & 4 to sit at 3-over after just 4 holes. He then began the enormous task of wiping away that deficit and Birdied 4 holes in the later part of the round to finish the day at 1-under Par and Tied for 10th place.

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Jeremy Herum says:

He’s really starting to develop a strong swing…. Keep at it Karl

Karl Vilips says:

July 2009, because he’s awful at the conventional stroke. Cheers

Zak Inglese says:

Congratulations on finishing 14th place Karl! I’m sure you would have liked
to play better in the final round and finish top 10, but you have so much
to proud of! One of the best in the world.

Brennan Fabry says:

Jonathan Karl hits bis drives 240 yards for other information about karl
visit his website which is listed in the video description

Jackson Skeen says:

nice bag karl. i like it! if your allowed to bet money on players. can i
put my money on karl! nice 1 under karl! see ya at ahank haney ijga!

Planeman256 says:

Karl is a pure natural and a champion

Charlie Hanberry says:

Well Done Karl, I think you are a great golfer, good luck in the future.

MBoy99 RIO says:

Karl you’re a great young talent, on average how far do you hit the ball
with driver and your favourite irons?

trev lee says:

When and why did he choose to switch to left hand low putting?

PittsburghGolfer5 says:

Hey you cant be too upset with -1 and tied 10th after the first day! Great
round Karl!

jacob thomas-hunter says:

Is the call away junior worlds and San Diego junior master played in the
same place?

Jonathan Golf says:

how long do karl hit the driver?:)

Karl Vilips says:

He’s burned the edges of the cup for 2 straight days. Hopefully they start
to drop today in the final round. Cheers

Pancho Martínez says:

how old is he now??

Karl Finch says:

Doesn’t look like he had a lot drop unlike usual unfortunately!

Karl Vilips says:

All of Karl’s club lengths are on his website which is listed under the
“About” section below the video. Cheers

MattGrouseMusic says:

Holy shit, you’re insane for your age!

Electrifying Hoops says:

I love these videos

Karl Vilips says:

Around 6 months, as he literally wears through the face due to his short
game accounting for 80% of his practice. Cheers

Braydon Chew says:

hey what did the boy he played with finish up on?

Nate Fraser says:

this is a great swing and some terrific golf talent..congratulations to all
of you for his great success in reaching such a great looking game at an
early age – all the best

milo rt says:

What clubs does Karl use?

Jonathan Golf says:

How long do karl hit the driver?:)

rooster7618 says:

It takes a lot of guts and concentration to come back from a start like
that. Well done.

Karl Vilips says:

Not the 11-12 year-olds. The 13-14 years played the sdjm on the same course
& yardages as the 11-12’s Junior Worlds however, so that’s why we played
Karl “Up” in the DJM the week beforehand. Cheers

Will b says:

Hi. I know you don’t usually show Karl missing short putts but I really
liked how you did show them in this video, it shows he can still post a sub
par round when missing those little ones.

johnnyd640 says:

When is he turning 12

charlie rojas says:

in the bag?

Karl Vilips says:

11 Years. Karl’s got next year in this age division as well. Cheers

Conor Flaherty says:

that was a great shot into the par 3 15th, just wondering how long that
hole was?

ZhangM17 says:

How often does Karl switch out his wedges?

Jessica M says:

That is a great 71 with all the putts that didn’t want to drop.

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