2014 U.S. Disc Golf Championship: Final Round (McBeth, Schusterick, McCray, Brown)

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Only 18 holes remain in the 2014 USDGC, and only a stroke separates Paul McBeth, Will Schusterick, JohnE McCray and Patrick Brown from one another. Will McBeth capture his 1st U.S. title, or will Schusterick claim his 3rd? Do McCray and Brown have what it takes to hoist the trophy for the first time? It'll all be decided Oct. 4 within the ropes of the Winthrop Gold course in Rock Hill, SC.

Music: “Cycles” by Jason Shaw (http://audionautix.com/index.html)

Tournament results: http://www.pdga.com/tour/event/16392

Disc Golf Center: http://www.discgolfcenter.com
Innova Disc Golf: http://www.innovadiscs.com
Prodigy Disc: http://www.prodigydisc.com
Towch: http://towelpouch.com
Vibram Disc Golf: http://www.vibramdiscgolf.com
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Alex Padilla says:

I think the fact Will took it means more than Paul getting it. The emotion
he showed in his speech. The struggle he had this year. And coming back on
top. It makes the win that much better!

My Nam says:

Be honest, did SpinTV prevent you from covering the full final round? If
so, I would be mad, because you would have had it uploaded for about a week
now, and they still have not posted anything.

SeanSauceTV says:

what does the winner get for this

Donald Wilson says:

Amazing video Marty! Maybe the best I’ve seen! The recording of Paul’s putt
on 17 (11:12) seriously looks like a movie. It’s larger than life, pretty
much a perfect shot on his and your part. Also the anguish from Shusterick
missing TWO putts and his redemption was nothing less than a storybook
moment, and you captured it wonderfully. His speech was heartwarming and
great for the sport, masterful editing there as well.
I was really cheering on JohnE. It was tough what happened on 17, that hole
makes and breaks dreams, but his birdie on 18 to get him in the playoff was
just a spectacular, unexpected comeback. (Seriously, who didn’t think he
was out of it at that point? He showed us for real) All around an
unforgettable moment for the sport, thanks to you for capturing it all,
you’re definitely the best video outlet for disc.

Dennis Quill says:

One of your best. The editing of Will’s speech at the end gave a true
glimpse of how a lot of us look and feel about this sport. Great work as

Todd Lee says:

Great coverage! It was painful to see Will’s missed pressure putts. But
refreshing to see that these guys are human. We always loft our putts when
nervous. Gotta hit that pole!

Ben B says:

It’s sad but I can’t help but see JohnE weeping alone in his RV after he
lost. Dude really deserved this win. He’s a God fearing man but he let
pride get the best of him. He should have been humbled and thankful for
that impressive lead he had on the disc golf juggernauts Paul and Will. He
should have laid up on 17. 

Reston Ansley says:

This year has been some of the best and most dramatic disc golf I’ve ever
seen. So happy for Will, and Marty, thanks for the great video/editing, and
thanks for including that speech at the end. Fantastic.

iStrife says:

Make a Shoestrings #2 about this. It would be amazing.

Chroogomphus says:

with Mccray’s 4-stroke lead going into 17, he should never have went for
the green. if he would had laid up before the ropes, then attacked the
green on his second shot he would have been usdgc champ

Keith Spieker says:

Johne McCray your the man. Keep fighting

Paul Sack says:

What the fuck did i just watch?

dr_atomic says:

congrats to will. he is a great champion! great sportsman!

djbme83 says:

Great ending for my hometown pro!

Great video as always, Marty. I especially liked the post round coverage.

CobraKid95 says:

Thank you so very, very, very, much Marty!
I along with MANY many others really appreciate everything you do to
getting us coverage of all these events. Especially, in the amazingly fast
matter that you do! Thank you again! :)

Sam Dzik says:

I really like the editing for the speech. Cannot find that anywhere else

Matthew Morris says:

I have watched a lot, if not every disc golf vid the web has to offer, many
of which are majors with the winner interviews, plus I have seen many
interviews, no knock Feldberg and Klimo but they joke and laugh at there
own jokes, McBeth seems pretty nervous as a speaker, and Ricky talks so
fast but Will’s speech was spot on and super heart felt. Though I was
pulling for McCray, Will’s speech made his win even more epic to me! What a
good speech!!! and Marty kill vid, way to edit the victory hugs over the
speech audio!!!

jeffthrow6892 says:

First off…..congrats to Will, great win!! Secondly, I guess Paul McBeth
is human after all, man did I see him miss a lot of putts that you normally
think are automatic with him (must of been the blue putter’s fault). And
lastly, I am confused…..what is this talk of John E laying up??? What lay
up? It’s an island green…..right? Everything else is O.B. ….right? The
only thing I can think of is to take your drive more towards the right of
the green, which might have more room than trying to park the hole, I
guess. Anyway, feel real bad for McCray……would have LOVED to have seen
him win this…….

Kingsley Flett says:

great footage here. the shot of wills 1st missed putt on 18 is beautifully
composed. the butts on 1 with will or Paul in the background showed the
high drama and the editing with his speech as voice over at the end was
very moving. great work Marty.

Jamminn555 says:

This is SUCH a fantastic and well-done video!! The most recent of MANY
fantastic videos from McFlyHigh. Thanks SO much for the great camera work
(!) and editing. Cheers!

chris76 says:

Damn I thought McCray had it then he blew up 🙁 Glad Will won though :)

Disc Hyzer says:

Another great video with intense disc golf action.

You capture the sport in a great way but there are also just some great
shots and camera work that brings the emotions and feelings out in the
peoples faces. It’s like good art. Keep it up.


The definition of first world problems… I got here too soon and the quality
hasnt finished rendering yet :(

Ben B says:

I wanted to watch the final round not knowing the outcome and If it were
any other channel, I’d of stopped watching when I saw the skip from 1 to
14. But, I know Marty’s editing skills and decided to watch and boy am I
glad I did. The ending was exceptional. Great work man. 

Peter mercil says:

god JohnE, the whole disc golf world needs to know: WHY DIDNT YOU LAY

He even could have laid up after his first OB re tee and still won…. that
was painful to watch.

Gibney Michael says:

Wow. That’s all I can say about the quality of this. 

nuggetsonwow says:

wtf? so the video is missing 13 holes? W T F?!

Baseball pro 12 says:

Shoestrings again

petecabrina says:

Funny watching this as someone outside the sport, it is hard to take it
seriously, compared to other sports, even though there is no logical reason
for this at all; no reason it differs or is any less serious than anything

Jack McKenzie says:

Wow, I’m so high

Nicolas Decourten says:

Wow! The camera and lighting is perfect. I feel like I’m there:) 

4eis4me says:

What a finish!

Mark Ross says:

Did you edit down the volume when McCray was expressing his faith after the
third miss on 17?

Ted Naylon says:

Un real capture of one of the best finishes I have ever seen. We all feel
for JohnE. He showed alot of heart on 18 to force a playoff when we all
thought it was over. When JohnE was taking the lead, Will was always the
1st to give him a fist bump, and Will and showed alot of class. Great Job
McFly and thank you so much

Anthony Brand says:

Great speech from Will. Your post round coverage is great, man.

Brian Sweet says:

Wow. Way to go Will. After missing the first two match putts too. Crazy
ending for Paul to miss his.

Kahuna Cazares says:

Damn those baskets were brutal out there xD poor will couldn’t sink his
puts from in the circle but he finally got it done 😀 honestly it could
have been anybody’s game I thought McCary was gonna take it 🙂 great
playing by the worlds finest thee course looked crazy dificult but these
guys kicked some butt

This was like the best battle I’ve seen in forever I only wish wysockie was
there to battle too (idk how to spell his last name lol)
Amazing performance from everyone tho

Twist of Fade says:

Loving the essence and the feel of your vids and besides, this was a great
tournament…Thanks Marty!!!

Another sublime capture!!!!

Jesse Papermaster says:

Mad respect for McCray. After he went ob multiple hands, he still loves the
lord. But actually, what is on wills neck?

mistermister20000 says:

Man I was rooting hard for John E. Tough the way it turned out, so close to
winning it. Great show John E., you make us “old”guys proud!

brad-allen says:

thank you so much marty. I always look forward to your cut. from Memphis to
the USDGC…

joseph pietsch says:

Will Schusterick needs to work on his mental game. It’s clearly affecting
his performance.

najssiness says:

holy shit that was exciting! im sad for mcray though;(

Todd Van Pelt says:

Great video and great win by a classy guy.

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