2014 US Disc Golf Championship Final Round Back 9 (2014 USDGC)

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USDGC action continues! The United States Disc Golf Championship is a tournament of long traditions, deeply rooted in Rock Hill, South Carolina where the beautiful Winthrop Gold course serves as the stage for this PDGA Major event.

The SpinTV was on site at the event to bring this play-by-play coverage from the final round of 2014 USDGC. This video shows the events of the back 9 of the final with the addition of the exciting sudden death playoff. The SpinTV's own James Thomas and 2014 3-time World Champion provide their insight on the commentary track.

Watch part 1 here:

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Watch USDGC 2013 coverage here:

Produced by: James Thomas & Esa Arokki

Made possible by Innova Champion Discs

Copyright 2014 The SpinTV

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jeffthrow6892 says:

Again, fantastic coverage! Paul is absolutely a class act, it had to have
been tough to do commentary on this for him. Really would have loved to see
McCray win it……..

Mike Riemer says:

Just keeps getting better and better… thanks for the top notch coverage!

Alex Thurston says:

Great commentating by both commentators, not sure what the fuss is about

Rad Jackson says:

Epic coverage, video, commentary of the most epic battle I have seen in a
disc golf event. Thank you so much! 

Josh Horn says:

JohnE McCray is my new favorite disc golfer! Love that energy!!

Jordan Collmann says:

HELL YES WILL! Well deserved man.

Wasser Mann says:

Does anyone have any links to pro disc golfers playing some real woodsy
courses. The only pro tournament videos I ever see are lame looking courses
like this. I want to see heavy wooded precision. Courses like Blue Ribbon
Pines, Horning’s Hideout, Highbridge… etc.

yetybowtie555 says:

Great round. Would have loved to see Johne “its about time” McCray get the
W though. Tough break on the island. Thanks for the coverage and the

GDiDG says:

Get a host who knows the game! This sounds like someone who watched a
couple disc golf videos on YouTube and declared himself an expert.

Kiefer W says:

Good job guys keep the vids coming I’m really looking forward to 2015

scott basal says:

foot fault on that last putt

sinmpa says:

This was very good coverage! “20k contest”

mrDROCK says:

Will gets attacked by girls after the last putt and his girlfriend has to
wait on the sideline for them to get out of the way. 

MyOpinionMatterss says:

Awesome coverage! Wanted to see John win though. McBeast is such a class

Todd Watkins says:

Check out Patrick Brown’s approach at 12:48 on the famous Hole #13
(“888”). It LOOKS as if the disc has gone in the basket, as the camera
angle is uncannily in just the right angle to make it seem that way.

SmallCityGuitar says:

Great coverage, guys. Thanks for the footage. 

Ryan Hatzenbeller says:

Take a shot every time Paul says, “Yeah”

Rgotto2 says:

Thanks so much spintv this was great keep them coming!
What is happening in Phoenix next year?

TheLarryBirds says:

pretty shit commentary tbh

guerrero2684 says:

Why are the State flags shown on the Hole Cards (Maps)?

hera9191 says:

What a thriller !!

1chshock says:

Great job on this !

SimpleHumman says:

Great Tourney!

Andrew L says:

Paul is a class act. 

Richard Lopez says:


Norrkopings Discgolf Klubb says:

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