2015 Memorial Championships Live Disc Golf – Paul McBeth Will Schusterick Ricky Wysocki Jake Laputka

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The 2015 Professional Disc Golf Association National Tour season begins at The Memorial Championships Presented by Discraft. Our first round coverage will include Paul McBeth, Will Schusterick, Ricky Wysocki and 2014 Amateur World Champion, Jake Laputka.

SmashBoxxTV’s will bring you full round coverage and then a follow up live podcast on Wednesday night.

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Wednesday night’s podcast link:

Thursday’s featured card:



Rick Pendleton says:

Great coverage! You’ve really done a fantastic job of imparting the
atmosphere surrounding this event! Kudos to you guys!!!

Synapsis says:

btw, “the dude with the red beard” is Dana Vicich (spelling)…hes a Vibram
Sponsered pro…great player…

Chris Davies says:

Awesome job! I didn’t get to see it live because I was busy breaking the
local course record – so this is fantastic. Brilliant coverage indeed.
Thanks very much.

Sam Wallace says:

Great coverage, and huge props to the crews/staff bringing this to the
masses! Just a note, at the 1:30:30 mark your interview are cut off with
black screens. Don’t know what happened, but just a heads up.

Johan Ploug says:

Great coverage. Who was the tall bearded Paul dude?

William Matthews says:

“Do you want to count scores first? I’ve had a problem with this.” Best
line, Will Schusterick.

Thomas says:

Some audio stuttering/strange noises and a bit uneven sound volume. I
didn´t notice any video problem. Overall a really good live broadcast.

Thanks for it and good luck with the rest of the competition, I´ll
definitely tune in for some more Discgolf.

Josh York says:

I enjoy the broadcast, as I am currently watching it, but my issue is the
few spurts of feedback you are getting, or static sound. What is that? I
also am enjoying the commentating by the Broadcaster. Very nicely done. Has
a PGA feel to it.

MrJumpputt says:

What is the distance for hole 1? and what disc are most average arms
throwing to cross the water?

Michael Phillips says:

All right is time for the Professional Disc Golf Associations National Tour
of Disc Golf to get underway. Smashboxx.tv (no affiliation) is streaming
live from Fountain Hills Az of the final Professional Mens Open grouping to
tee off at Fountain Hills. They go live around 1pm PCT. If you are a fan of
disc golf, have a child or loved one that plays disc golf or just enjoy
alternative sports tune in & spread the word and let everyone know they can
watch today’s coverage live on YouTube.

wildcat31772 says:

I hope sometime relatively soon Will can get out of his head in regards to

Jason Hennard says:

Great coverage. Thanks Terry and thanks Smashboxx. 

Gibney Michael says:

Live and playback. Love. 

Robert Pålsson says:

Very professionally done . Kudos!

TheStewied says:

thank you so much for this coverage!

Jibbacraft Teamplays says:

1:19:00… You wha??!!

Tobin Brenard says:

Phenomenal Job Terry. 

Face Man says:

Ha, ricky is Latitude, and the animation is still Prodigy. And the duck
crap shower every hour, sounds nasty

Kenny Boyert says:

terrible audio

Robert Tomlinson says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

CDizzle says:

What is Ricky Wysocki using as his putter now that he’s not throwing

Pentti Pitkänen says:

Restless to use the camera,the graph of education!

Norrkopings Discgolf Klubb says:

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