2015 Texas States Final Round-McBeth,Lizotte,Ulibarri,Bell

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Full coverage of the Final Round MPO Top Card at the 20th Texas State Disc Golf Championship played at White Oak North Course in Houston,TX. Featuring Simon Lizotte, Paul Mcbeth, Paul Ulibarri, and Matt Bell.

Coverage brought to you by:
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DISCLAIMER: Hole info may be different than our 3D course preview as this course was new and some changes were made up until the day before the start of the tournament and time did not allow for us to implement any such changes.


Jordan Sellers says:

You guys rock!! Keep it up!

Nick Hill says:

The day Simon chooses to play more to win than playing to entertain will be
the day Paul will have to start really worrying. Simon had at least 3 OB
strokes I think it was in this round alone just because he tries to go
unnecessarily big. Once he reigns that back and plays a little more
‘sensible’ golf, he’ll win so many more tournaments. FYI this is not a
criticism of Simon, I think he’s great to watch and he’s having fun doing
what he’s doing which is fantastic for both him and us :)

Luke Nguyen says:

Weird seeing mcbeth play in a hat

jerr22988 says:

really digging the 3D maps guys!

Hybrid Shadow says:

OMFG that ace

Alex Olguin says:

The disc golf god was so angered by Bell’s buckets from downtown that he
placed a rollout curse upon him.

Travis Wiebold says:

I love at about 14:00 there’s a guy in the background showing the local
residents what a disc is. Disc golf is moving into the neighborhood!

1bennettua says:

Great vid guys, solid editing, good audio despite the winds, and of course
those hole fly-bys are unique and a great addition!

stperea says:

Man I hate Ulibarri’s putt, and I don’t think it’s because he is playing
with two of the very best here

Sergio Leal says:

wow ace

Michael Hill says:

You definitely have your stuff together guys. Great videos. 

Vape Legends says:

Great job, great shots. Keep it up guys! Subscribed.

jeffthrow6892 says:

Really good coverage, thanks! The hole fly-by graphics was interesting, I
would have liked to see what par was on each hole though too…..

Michael Ulickey says:

It makes me sad that Simon can probably throw higher than I can far…

Risto Koskinen says:

Thanks for the great coverage, the 3D maps are great. One thing that could
be improved though, the camera man on the receiving end sometimes zooms in
on the disc after it lands, better would be to zoom out and show where the
basket is. Would be especially helpful at least after the first drive so
the viewer gets the lay of the land and can judge also the rest of the

Drew Warren says:

Great coverage!

Blake Morrow says:

Lance coming in hot at 31:41 

David Miles says:

The 3D hole preview is incredible, great idea and execution. 

Stu Dunn says:

at 15:02 simon “worst play in the world” haha pretty hard on himself.

Gibney Michael says:

The putting in the wind… Wow. 

Jethro Bodine says:

Incredible coverage. Thank you. I hope Paul buys a new hat with his

Aaron Gantenbein says:

Great vid and I like the graphics. This is a good primer for what it’s like
to throw into the wind.

Honest Cigar Reviews says:

11:20 was incredible.

dr_atomic says:

Is simon throwing a aussie open cd 2 on hole 3?

Syfiewow says:

8:55 Paul, “Oh no, dont go in that” lol

Sören R says:

Great coverage! But I must say that the course is boring as hell. Almost
every hole/basket demands the same kind of throw :/

Logan Guinn says:

Way to ACE it Bell….

Pete Givens says:

Average score on hole 7: 1.75

James Ayotte says:

Awesome work. The production in the beginning and the 3D hole preview is
great. If you can get some quality commentary on these, they will be the
standard of excellence that DG will hold itself to for years to come.

rbrtplly says:

WOW ACE 11:10 !!!!

David DeMarse says:

I love watching Bell putt

Andrew Cray says:

“”@&$)(;:-/-. A sa

Saemj Baumgartner says:

Not even carpets for the tees? At a state championship? -.-

Chris Malatesta says:

This video had some of the best putting I’ve seen in a long time despite
the crazy winds. Thanks for posting this tournament. I have my disc golf
fix for now

themyriad05 says:

11:10…what a shot!

DirtyDanTheManU-Fan says:

I think you got some of the best videos out there……I my self like when
there is commentary but I also don’t mind watching some videos without….I
loved the 3D layouts of the holes before each keep the good work

StSgry says:

Great coverage and nice CGI’s on this video. Only thing that would need to
be updated are these courses. 250-300 feet hyzer and then drop in to
basket. There is a perfect terrain for much more challenging courses but
still most of these are just basic hyzer/drop-in/birdie-courses. At least
there was some wind to make this more exciting…

Billy Graham says:

At 11:00 it gets real interesting! Three amazing shots in a row!

randy joble says:

why did this pop up in my suggested videos?

Squinn0303 says:

Awesome guys!

Did Mcbeast pick up ed hardy as a sponsor?

I kid I kid

Rocky Rivera says:

These are the greatest videos out there right now. The 3D fly throughs
that show the giant OBs are awesome. I cannot say enough, how enjoyable
these are too watch. GOOD JOB!

Brian Weissman says:

Really fantastic coverage, loved the angles and the CGI flybys at the start
of each hole. Thanks for putting this together!

ChuckNorrisStepdad says:

Great 3d previews..Awesome work!!

Norrkopings Discgolf Klubb says:
Sean Watkins says:

Great coverage and the 3D display of the holes are awesome. Nice job as

lilbuddhanic says:

Love the respect that these guys show each other. Hats off when shaking

net poser says:

Sick ace at 11:10

Anthony j says:

Bell is a monster!!

GoWithTh3Flow says:

Was Ulibari even TRYING to make those putts on one?? wtf was that

Matt Glista says:

Uli, what’s up with that putting style? I’m no pro, but that’s gotta be
tough to execute consistently.

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