2015 Wintertime Open Day 1 Recap Vid – No Commentary

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eric beich says:

I know.. I know, but I have to.. anyone else see a foot fault at 24:29?

Sean Puffer says:

Little weird that the intro says Worlds coverage and ladies, but then it
shows Men and Round 1 of the 2015 Wintertime Open and the title says 2014

My Nam says:

CCDG!….don’t use 1080p60 it sucks!!

Jethro Bodine says:

Violent throws from Rico yet smooth and easy from McBeth on the same hole.
Cool to see. Ricos ultra aggressive lines are impressive as hell to watch.
Nice concentration from the guy on the horse putt! That’s for the coverage.
Outstanding work as usual. 

BD2DK - Bow down to da(THE) King says:

Makes me happy to see you still putting with the baby blue pure Dallas.
There is no putter like a grip line!

William Kelley says:

Love your videos and always will. I like the older style videos where the
entire card completes the hole together. I would think it would also make
for easier editing, not sure. Just some feedback!!! Regardless, I will
continue to watch your videos religiously. Thanks for all of your teams
hard work to provide us quick and amazing disc golf coverage.

Sean Puffer says:

Can’t wait to see some more coverage of the Wintertime Open. Dynamic Discs
has now released stools that match some ranger bag color patterns

Central Coast Disc Golf says:
Jussi Janhonen says:

Cannot locate winter.

eric beich says:

1080p goodness. love it!

Brett Blewett says:

Wintertime Open? Haha. I am trudging through 12+ inches of snow every
weekend. Thanks for the vid though!

Alexander Broome says:

Thanks for all your hard work filming out there. Keep up the great work.
I can’t wait to see and hear the upcoming videos with commentary. I love
the way you guys highlight the action.

Norrkopings Discgolf Klubb says:

Awesome work as always! Thank you for doing it!

ojDASH says:

Crazy turn around for this tourney… Thanks so much CCDG!

Joseph Sgaglione says:

Always great coverage. Thank you guys for all the hard work. “Now let’s
watch some disc golf.” 

Hybrid Shadow says:

I love the activity of this channel. No other disc golf channel upload
videos as often as CCDG. Keep up the good work!!! :)

Elmer Jackwagon says:

CCDG so totally and completely rocks beyond the level of any other disc
golf channel. It is by far my fav disc golf channel.

Nick Hill says:

Go Pete and Paul! Thanks CCDG as always guys. Can’t wait for the next video

DGMongol says:

Love it! I forgot the winter time was in Pasadena or I would have gone and
watched it:(

kevin James says:

damn that young gun is doin’ work.

Zfromthe360 says:

Loving the 60fps. Hope you guys keep up the great content!

Smiley J says:

sooo Crispy! love the vid, thanks

Morgan Allen says:

New Peter McBride bag video soon?

Anthony Marshall says:

HECK YES!!!!!! 2015 Coverage 

Kiefer W says:

Where’s the 20 minutes of black screen:(

Jeremiah Corey says:

thanks for all your work Ian!

Brian Hederer says:

Foot fault at 12:12.

Aden Cunningham says:

I am so stoked to see this.

trumpeter0102 says:

dyemax giveaway!!!!

DGMongol says:

No pink putter for Mcbeast? What happened?

Orbi Gonzales says:

Great as always!

jiocco says:

Dallas! :-)

johndoedro says:


Nathan Rigoni says:


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