2015 Wintertime Open Day 1 Recap Vid

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Central Coast Disc Golf says:
Tomas Lövkvist says:

dont no whats wrong but i can only watch in 144p ????

Chris Malatesta says:

I hate watching tournament footage on rainy days. All I wanna do is throw
now and I cant. I’ll probably putt in the garage. 

Scumbag Scotty says:

24:36 got me rolling. Wasn’t expecting that noise.

Austin Chavers says:

those hats are pretty sweet.

Andy Klinger says:

Yeah, what’s up with the horse caddy? :)

JamesJohnsonFL says:

Personally i dont like the recap videos. I prefer to see everyone’s shots
the whole day. I know you have a “no commentary Wintertime Open” on your
channel but i want the badass commentary for everything!!! GIVE ME WHAT I
WANT!!! Jk i appreciate all you guys do for the sport of disc golf and i
can understand if you dont have time to put commentary on every disc golf
video. Thanks again for what you do and have done.

James Mariscal says:

another day, another quality CCDG vid, another ridiculous McBeast eagle

Asbjørn Bue Vrang Hauberg says:

Wintertime Open and they play in shorts – damn! Wouldn’t happen here in
Great video – I like the fast editing; you get to see the whole course but
not necessarily every single shot.

Pythonesque says:

Awesome commentary and solid, ever improving footage. Thank you!

Benjamin Tullis says:

True watch the video earlier but it want working. Much better now. 

Sean Puffer says:

love the coverage

Jack Nivrén says:

Damn! damn! damn! your disc golf videos are the best!
You do sound like a super nice guy. I must ask you
for the name of the intro song? 

dr_atomic says:

I saw paul throwing a newly printed putter (probably mcpro aviar). Are they
available somewhere?

Joshua Curtis says:

Damnit McBride…you had ONE job!

Christopher Higgins says:

Thanks for the upload. Please keep them coming.

innovaaces says:

Wish I could have been there for this. Great vid guys as always. 

kunphushion says:

Why are there still tourneys with the 2m rule?? wtf

Aden Cunningham says:

i am super jelly about how beautiful the weather is

Jason Brown says:

Love what you guys do and keep up the good work!

Anthony Marshall says:

SWEET added commentary Heck YES!!!!

Joshua Skei says:

Awesome Vid!!!! Thanks for all your hard work

ehb4 says:

Love it! Wish I was in Cali today.

andball says:

awesome! disc golf!

johndoedro says:


Dr. Blam says:

Keep it up!

Dominic Carozza says:

looks so warm

Kristian Sønningdal says:


Norrkopings Discgolf Klubb says:

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