2017 US PGA Championship Preview & Tips + Mark Crossfield on identity

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The PGA Championship (https://www.yourgolftravel.com/pgachampionship) is taking place this week at Quail Hollow Golf Club in Charlotte, North Carolina. As one of the top rated courses on The PGA Tour this event brings with it a slightly different feel, courtesy of its past holding of the Wells Fargo Championship. With the likes of Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler amongst those who have previously won on this course, there have been plenty of predictions on who will claim the trophy this week.

Here YGT Rory talks through who he thinks will claim the trophy as well as the interesting developments including it's broadcasting on The BBC as well as the potential for a “Spieth Slam” as Jordan looks to add to his 3 Major wins already claimed in The Masters, US Open and most recently The Open at Royal Birkdale.

Mark Crossfield – check out his channel here – youtube.com/4golfonline – offers an interesting insight into the tournaments identity and where it will go in future years. With news that the date has changed moving forward to May this event will take on a different look and feel as it becomes something very much in the middle of the golfing season rather than at the end.

For more information on The BBC's coverage of the event, click here for our recent article on Your Golf Travel's 19th Hole Blog – http://www.yourgolftravel.com/19th-hole/2017/07/27/us-pga-championship-to-be-shown-on-bbc-79-say-it-is-good-for-golf/


Mike Rudd says:

Yo Rayus! good to see your videos. Love it. thanks

TJ Riordan says:

Spieth for the Career Grand Slam. Move the PGA Championship to Australia. #ShortsMyGolf #YesPlease

Simon Brendling says:

I think the UK guys kind of dis the PGA unfairly. Its been a part of the major circuit for a long time. It has a long history – over 100 years – and has always attracted the game's best players. It is not just like any tour event. The format is fine. They are changing the dates to May from 2019. I think it should stand as is. I'm not quite sure why its dissed over in the UK. It's had great battles and moments as have all the other majors. Golf has had 4 majors for a long time and it has always been a tradition of the game for the PGA Champs to be part of this. No one thinks that the Australian Open tennis should be dropped off the tennis Grand Slam circuit despite it being, arguably, the least followed tennis major. The same goes for the PGA Champs.

Mr Q says:

Ricky Fowler if you please!

darryl richardson says:

Of course they could take the US PGA Championship around the world. Dont they have American football at Wembly with some of the top teams playing there. How will having the tournies in America on the BBC get British kids watching it and then wanting to play golf. I am now watching Rory Miss a put on the 18th live on the BBC and its now 11:50 pm. The only 12 to 16 year olds that are still awake are out nicking cars.

Mark Hallett says:

3 majors in US is out of sync with the modern game. PGA around the world I like. Plus it's moving to May. I think that is negative. When someone eventually goes for a 1 year Grand Slam I would want to be the last one.

Andy P says:

Charley Hoffman

John Haytack says:

Would like to see Rory McIlroy win but I reckon Jason Day or DJ will do it.

Beach Fraser says:

Would be great to see your namesake do it !! Hideki is in very good form, Spieth is always there or there abouts eh? I take Rory, but ive tipped him so often and been let down, anyway that's my tip! Have a nice holiday in Italy !! Lucky Basxxxd!! lol

david hovde says:

great VLOG, the last 5 seconds made me laugh. Cheers.

Scott Meakin says:

Rory, oil the steak, not the pan!
Rory to win too bruh

jodie young says:

good video bruh

Robert Hall says:

Thomas Pieters.

Charles Melaisis says:

Would like to see Rory win but I reckon Justin Thomas will do it. Nice pad by the way Rory

Jeff Shawver says:

Ricky Fowler gets his 1st major………….Dark horse – Lee Westwood. He's do!

Arthur Ford says:

It should be like the US Am…54 holes stroke play that would establish seeds for match play.

gary campbell says:

Love to see the pro's playing stapleford

Charles Farley says:

Love the content Ray.

Steve Gaish says:

Jordan to get the slam!

Cam Thurlow says:

P.S. Matsuyama to win

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