2018 IRON BATTLE! – Ping i500 vs Taylormade P790 vs Titleist AP3 vs Mizuno JPX 919 FORGED

2018 has been a phenomenal year for golf clubs. Especially power irons, game improvement irons, easy irons to hit, irons for mid handicaps, irons for high handicaps, however you like to name them. Ping, Titleist, Taylormade and Mizuno have all brought fantastic offerings to the table. In this video I put the Ping i500 against the Taylormade P790 against the Mizuno JPX 919 Forged against the Titleist 718 AP3. They all look great and they would all suit high handicap golfers, mid handicap golfers and even some low handicap golfers. But which one is best? Let’s find out. And lets do it now!

25 thoughts on “2018 IRON BATTLE! – Ping i500 vs Taylormade P790 vs Titleist AP3 vs Mizuno JPX 919 FORGED

  1. I'm not sure I fully understand the concept of using a project x shaft for someone who has a relatively low spin rate anyways can you explain this to me

  2. Thanks to Titleist AP3 I have fallen in love with the game of golf again!
    I’m in my mid 40’s and I don’t see myself as a better player. I broke 90 last year but will probably not break 80.
    My swing speed is moderate and I hit the 7 iron around 130m/140y. I chose True Temper AMT Red Regular shaft because I like it’s lightness and high ball flight. Used to play TaylorMade’s game improvement irons like RSi 1 and Burner 2.0 but I learned to hate the strong lofts, heavy weights and clumpiness of a game improvement iron. With AP3 I can even launch the 4 iron from the turf without any difficulties. With TaylorMade I couldn’t even get decent shots with my 5 iron…

  3. So I just got a fitting done today and I know there has been a update with some of the clubs shown but was I really impressed with the mizuno! I’m full bag Taylormade besides the putter and am now switching to the mizuno forged irons. This video is still spot on!

  4. I traded up my Ping G's for the i500's for one simple reason; accuracy. An added bonus was shot shaping abilities, the i500 allowed me to create shots better. The downside was distance, the G's went further, at least a club further but the dispersion was greater. At least this was my impression between those two clubs. Later this summer I will be fitted for Mizunos and look forward to that comparison. Love the videos!

  5. Need I say anymore?? i500 stock shaft (true temper stiff/dynamic gold 105/US market specs), black dot, power specs! My main concern was to get the high, drop and stop traj! What a set of irons!

  6. Hi. I would love to use forged irons for the look and feel but I think I still need the game improvement benefits of cast clubs. My questions to you are.are there any forged game improvement irons? If not what are the most forgiving forged irons out there? All brands included. I’m thinking the mizuno forged or the p790s? I’d appreciate your thoughts.

  7. I'm thinking about doing a combo set of 919 Forged and Tours, the only problem I see is the tours are 2 degrees weaker. Does adding or taking a degree away from the iron mess with the feel or durability of the iron? I really want to do the combo set but don't want to mess up the irons by adjusting the loft. I was thinking about weaking the Forged by 1 and adding 1 to the tours to get them to blend nicely.

  8. The i500 and P790 had almost exactly the same results, with huge inconsistency in the distance, yet you rave about one but not the other. It just shows their can't really be an unbiased review. Everyone likes what they like.

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