2018 PGA Championship – LIVE from the Range | Round 1

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BH BONNY says:

PGA Championship Golf 2018 Live Free. https://stream2watchlive.co

JasJones123 says:

Justin Leonard needs to put that HUGE ego of his in check, calling out DJ saying part of the reason he has not won more majors is due to the fact he didn't bother to read a rules sheet. If he said that to DJ's face he would get his big fat head stuffed right down his neck. Rule one for all broadcasters of any sport is very simple don't say anything on the air that you would be afraid to say to an athlete's face in a one on one interview. Jim Rome learned this lesson many years ago when his oversized ego got the best of him while interviewing Jim Everett, Jim went across the table and if he has not been stopped by the crew he would of sent Rome and his realigned face right back to radio. Justin Leonard has 12 tour title and 1 majors, not quite the stuff HOF careers are made of and he sure as hell is not in the same league as Dustin Johnson is in any aspects of the game. Jack Nicklaus is the greatest player the game has ever seen, Leonard could learn a lot from Jack about what to say about other players on the air or in the press, Jack always praised his competition and let his clubs do the talking. Leonard has no business being in the booth of any broadcasting companies golf coverage, his head and ego are way too big for a golf commentator he thinks he is still on the course and part of the field.

Jeffrey Anderson says:

How much apex with the driver ?
Rory sometimes reaches 145 ft

Stephen Croll says:

C,mon….This is not live….I just saw Tony Finau..on the range…He,s currently playing…Hole 5…….watch here instead…..https://www.pga.com/events/pgachampionship/enhanced-mediaplayer/1

moemann cann says:

How old is Vijay?

Dougie Jones says:

Does this course favor the "iron of the tee" style of play that Tiger has been utilizing lately?

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