2019 Disc Golf Pro Tour Schedule

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Disc Golf Pro Tour says:

Which event are you most excited about?!?!?!?

Douglas MacIlroy says:

Not excited about any DGPT tournament any longer as the 'learn as you go, grow the sport, dismal video coverage' continues to suck the life out of these events. 2019 is going to go down as a watershed year for formerly well covered tournaments which now we just kind of stumble past, checking PDGA event results page or UDisc Live to see what happened or might be happening. (Very few people are going to sit through poorly produced live coverage of these events.) No commitment to the fans, no effective post produced coverage from established and experienced video organisations, no joy, and no comment from Steve Dodge (fitting name). Insanity is continuing to do the same thing but expecting different results. I wish somebody would own their mistakes and just admit they've made a hash of the season.

Randy Johnson says:

Where is the glass blown open in emporia??

Bubien Guitars says:

Does San Diego suck so bad that we're not worthy of challenging the Pro's with our course's?!

filoIII says:

Thank that backstabbing President Steve Dodge for the amount of people unsubbing from DGPT.

John Santos says:

Maui, Hawaii Poli Poli Championship 2020!! Please!! Hahaha

SteveAlbertTV says:

DGLO! Let's see a -19!

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