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TheTurfrex says:

The ST180 driver is a beast. You shouldn't rule it out because you don't like the looks of it.

Rob Buckley says:

I don't mind the color of my ST180, but those look great.

tonykart15 says:

YES Please!

SaiDaiOh says:

They should have launch these earlier as they did in Japan…

Ryan Cadwallader says:

I'd buy that driver in a second!!!

Jim Farrell says:

Love the look

Ian Kirby says:

Small headed driver sounds like a great idea ?

Will Rice says:

Love it. They should definitely bring that out.

Dan Moore says:

Yes please. Mizuno’s woods have been gimmicky in the past few years. I want to have a sweet driver to go with my 919 Tours!

danthemanwhocancan says:

They look great!!

Mitchell Blades Golf says:

Asia are going to be ruling the golfing world soon, technology they are probably winning and the players coming through are becoming more frequent, Love mizuno btw not a fan of woods though

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