2019 U.S. Women's Open: Final Round Highlights

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Highlights from the final round of the 2019 U.S. Women's Open at Country Club of Charleston (S.C.).

For more from the U.S. Women's Open, the ultimate test in women's golf, visit http://www.uswomensopen.com.


Joe Vorachack says:

do they really have to say 6 at the end of her name?

cndvd says:

Can't believe 6 under won. They were all there.

John Wood says:

Piller lost some weight and looking very sexy.

Naekyoon Chung says:

부티에가 이글을 잡았다면 어찌됐을지… 골프도 기세임.

Sam Dyer says:

Golf without balls

randy underwood says:

i hope she quickly becomes the new "sweetheart" on the lpga tour and golf as a whole. sorry lexi, move over

Thørr Bjornssen says:

Lee6? What else is new?

최정욱 says:

하이라이트인데 챔피언 이정은 선수의 플레이를 더 보여줘야하는데 다른 선수들이 더 많이 나오네요.

kataltos says:

Is it possible LPGA players could play any slower? It's getting absurd. As tedious as it is to watch, it would be worse if you were playing with them. Frankly, I don't think it helps to spend an inordinate amount of time over a shot because you have declared it "your routine". It's killing the game, particularly for those watching on TV. Boring. Might as well watch a chess match.

Connor Pearson says:

Ill say what everyone is thinking. Koreans are ruining the lpga. They dont learn english, they dont change their names, they all look and sound the same, they dont produce stars, its just a new one every week. They dont interact with the fans. We need a limit on koreans. Round em up and send em back.. .

Watch the libtards brigade my post!

Steve Fowler says:

lol…so Hank was right after all.

knightowl50 says:

So, did Hank Haney say something that is true and everyone is thinking? Yeah?


Laurence Frimpter says:

Yep, congrats to J Lee6, absolutely !!! Well deserved. But really, really impressed by the final groups guts. Can't imagine the disappointment and frustrations of being so close but not garnering the prize. Saw the emotional pain on Celine Boutier's face after her final putt on 18, felt so bad for her, but WOW! What courage and dignity she showed walking off. NOBODY choked !!! That is just one heck of a tough course and there can only be one "winner". I think they're all awesome people.

Jimmie Lee says:

What a beautiful swing she has~~ I love her golf and life story. Keep going hot 6~~~??

Jon Dury says:

Korean = Asian, American = Asian, A girl named Celine Boutier of course Asian.

ANNA & DAN KIM says:

Playing in south carolina? Who would go there?

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