2019's BEST LOOKING iron? | Titleist T200 Iron Golfalot Review

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The T200 irons are good value for money even if they are not particularly cheap, but then neither are the main competitors, so they are going to have to rely on shelf appeal. This is where the T200 should have an edge as they are a bit more classy looking than AP3.

See the full written review at: http://golfalot.com/equipment-reviews/titleist-t200-irons-review-4343.aspx


David Meeks says:

These reviews are not helpful. Instead of getting any idea of how the club sounds at impact, we get an awful soundtrack and cutesy on-screen text. Useful information is what we need, not wannabe producers showing off their extensive knowledge of elevator music.

gary whiteman says:

Oh my days your background music has blew me away it's taking me back to my youth in the 80s excellent choice of music oh i totally didn't focus on the review sorry i was jamming to the electro beat i think i just twisted a muscle damn.

jeromeo12 says:

The top line is as thin as the dude testing it.

Paul McGee says:

Top hedge?!

Alan King says:

God that music is ANNOYING make it stop , or I'm off

otto7777 says:

Someone needs a sandwich.

Sleeping Ugly says:

Is it good for hitting golf ball into hole?

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