2019's BEST LOOKING iron? | Titleist T200 Iron Golfalot Review

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David Meeks says:

These reviews are not helpful. Instead of getting any idea of how the club sounds at impact, we get an awful soundtrack and cutesy on-screen text. Useful information is what we need, not wannabe producers showing off their extensive knowledge of elevator music.

gary whiteman says:

Oh my days your background music has blew me away it's taking me back to my youth in the 80s excellent choice of music oh i totally didn't focus on the review sorry i was jamming to the electro beat i think i just twisted a muscle damn.

jeromeo12 says:

The top line is as thin as the dude testing it.

Paul McGee says:

Top hedge?!

Alan King says:

God that music is ANNOYING make it stop , or I'm off

otto7777 says:

Someone needs a sandwich.

Sleeping Ugly says:

Is it good for hitting golf ball into hole?

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