3 Common Driver Mistakes Amateur Golfers Make (GOLF DRIVING TIPS)

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If you are struggling with your golf swing with driver, chances are you might be making one or more of these common golf driver mistakes. Luckily, we have some simple golf driving tips from Todd Kolb for each of these mistakes to help you get your ball back in the fairway and help you add more distance to your game!

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patrick Wall says:

5:05 when you're setting up your stance, if either of your feet wind up in a divot or other unlevel spot, like his back foot did the first time, it's a good idea to retee your ball in a different spot.

Jim Barber III says:

Thank you Todd.I watch every one of your tips.They help a little(I am a bad golfer).I watch Nelly Korda swing and can't understand how she can stand so erect turn so slightly yet hit the ball so long and straight so effortlessly?? Your thoughts? I dream of being able to do this-I can't though. jim

J Craig Miller says:

Thank you, I am going to practice this!

debbie G says:

everytime you hit the ball, it looks like its going to the right. That is why Im here – I always hit to the right.

Allan Benoit says:

I'm not sure if you have ever had anyone coming to you about this, but maybe it's just my perception. For the longest time, I felt like I was playing the ball on the inside of my heel, but I was hitting to the left a lot. Well, what do you know… I'm out playing golf 2 weeks ago and the guys I was playing with said that I was playing too far behind the ball about 6 inches. I literally had to move my left foot forward almost 6 inches and realized how it was then at the heel properly. You ever get anyone that felt like they were seeing it differently? It almost feels like the ball is now behind me a lot more than it use to be, but now it's correct because I'm hitting straighter and longer.

Aceje MJ says:

Hello sir, is all you explained also applicable for me as a cross handed player? So right handed player, but right hand above in the grip. Grz. Micha

Jacey Bullard says:

Your videos are helping my game so much!!

pasquale minicucci says:

Todd, I’ve tried followed your videos . When try to correct my slice I wind up hooking or pulling left. When I try to correct the path more, it slides . On the driving range I tend to do well, but on the course actually playing, well I’m having challenges. It’s gotten worse with age. I’m 62 and playing more than ever, yet no tangible improvement. I took lessons with Golftech, and I didn’t improve….just can’t figure it out and frustrated.
Thanks for listening.

D Du Plessis says:

I do all those things you mentioned but I don't like hitting a draw because I can't control it I would rather tee it low and hit a confident fade.

Steven Whiting says:

One of your best videos, I can combine this with your how to stop from slicing your driver video.  Very vey good video

ThrowinFire says:

The 983E! Hands down one of the best drivers ever made. It's very rare to see one these days but it's been my go to for the past 15 years. Still haven't found a better driver for me.

rahul kumar tripathi says:

Pls also make a video on beginner questions

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