3 Driver Basics – Golf Swing Fundamentals For [LONGER STRAIGHTER SHOTS]

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This video is about 3 Driver Basics – Golf Swing Fundamentals For [LONGER STRAIGHTER SHOTS] For Golf. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out https://ScratchGolfAcademy.com. For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.

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609 964 Guy says:

Best YouTube lesson content by far. Thanks for all you do – hoping to get an in person lesson when this virus passes.

mariocastillo813 says:

Great video. Let me know when you come out to the Tampa Bay area.

john beck says:

I never understood why some people need an explanation on how to square up the drivers face when swinging, it's a very instinctive action, like slapping a wall with your hand. You should not even be thinking of that, it comes natural. A parallel shaft to the target line when your hands are in front of you on the downswing, will take care of that slice. I respect the hell out of you Adam, but most slices are caused by an "outside" to "in" swing path or "Casting", not an open club face. In fact, i open my clubface when i need a fade, and close it when I'm trying to draw it, if the swing path is correct, the effect is minimal. It works great, never get a slice or a hook from it. Please try and touch on this in a future video, as i think a parallel shaft to the target line is the Holy Grail for straight drives. I believe it was the idea behind the Freddy connect training aid as well. It's the easiest club to hit straight for me and i have a slightly split grip with a lever or hammer style wrist release, almost no wrist rotation, so there's that as well. Thanks

Joe O'Reilly says:

Not sure why these videos get thumbs down… Great content as always!

Paul Turner says:

Great swing as always Adam, your tempo really helps, you never try to “hit” the ball, and I need to follow your example and swing not hit. I’ve found using my 3 wood in a recent 3 clubs and a putter competition really helped, although I did top 2 drivesbadly near the beginning of the round, where I took a short backswing and then decided to go for length in the “ strike” area of the swing. Not a good idea. On back nine I didn’t miss a fairway and got 21 stableford points losing at least one point due to not having enough club into the green. It’s all about body turn for me to get a pure strike. Cheers Paul

William Tarr says:

Thanks for sharing AB. That twist is a lot more pronounced than most realize.

Rahoul Kille says:

Adam, once again high-quality content! Thank you.

Junki Lee says:

This is gold

etti GelsoGels says:


05:21 has the best ??❤️ ??

Max A says:

adam nice tips, I appreciate that your videos are 'higher level' yet still simple and fundamental (I think bad players will stay that way typically because 'work' is half of improving). Question, you placed your last driver tee shot very much at the outside of your driver head. You don't strike me as a guy who needs 'temporary corrections' in your swings. So why the outside head? Second, why do pro/strong players tend to hit balls that start out right and end up back at the middle? Why not just hit directly straight? My assumption is these are related.

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