3 Driver Swing Tips for Senior Golfers

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Even though you might be an older golfer, you still have the potential for hitting long straight drives.

Steve Pratt takes you through 3 simple ideas that have consistently added 30-60 yards to his students drives…including a half a dozen golfers over 70 years old just this year!

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Kulbir Gandhi says:

Any comment about the ideal weight of the shaft?

malik nawaz says:

Not very entertains the back swing ?

Doug Barnes says:

I agree with all your tips but how do you feel about instead of a Driver shaft of 451/2 to say 441/2 or 431/2

Allen Parker says:

Hey Steve I’m left-handed golfer, if I put the ball more forward do I have to make adjustments to my swing to keep it in the fairway, interested in your feedback thanks!

Ned Zayyad says:

Hey Steve, are you available for a lesson this week or next?

Robert Delfendahl says:

Steve my driver is 91/2 degrees, when fitted they said my launch angle should be about 15 degrees. I forget what the spin rate was. I was hitting up on average 3 degrees. I am 70 and it the ball anywhere from 230 to 260. Do you think a higher lofted driver would be better.
Now a question on your swing it appeared to me your left foot was more in front of your right
If I am not mistaken on a earlier vid you and your partner said it should be the other way.

Samuel Collie says:

I just found your channel and love your advice! I am 71, going to go get an orange whip today. Used to live very close to Moorpark! Boy, I wish we had a range like that up here in the Pacific NW!

Jerry Moore says:

Check your instrument, you might be set on kilometers instead of mph. That would make it 180 meters. Unless you are using the cart path.

Tom Hullverson says:

look junior you are no solace for octogenarians like us…………….

gatesmw50 says:

Steve thanks for this video. Sometimes it seems like there is an information "Desert" for us senior golfers. My motivation is not driven by the, "gee my buddy is out-driving me" and giving me some static about it nonsense. I don't need to be the longest driver in the foursome. I just want 15 more yards so I can get to those longer par 4 s and score, like last week. I hit a sprinkler head and got an extra 10 yds. The result… par. Keep the vids coming CIAO !

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