3 Golf Drills To Reduce Tension (NEW DRILLS!)

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This video is about 3 Golf Drills To Reduce Tension For Golf. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out https://ScratchGolfAcademy.com. For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.

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3 Golf Drills To Reduce Tension:



Todd Goldsmith says:

Adam, one again some great tips and suggestions. Definitely one of my trouble spots. Thank you!!!

Mitch Wielert says:

Thanks for All your Tips! Your are Great at explaining the intricacies of this Game!

Sean Liver says:

Is this why my swing is better after 2 or 3 beers ?

StartingFresh says:

Brand new sub here Sir?Ty for the fantastic content n ofc keep up the good work!?️‍♂️ ✅

Eric Cogorno Golf says:

Adam-email me ecogorno@yahoo.com. Let's collaborate.

james dixon says:

Adam, you have great information that you share. Thanks for the ideas.

John B. Richardson says:

interested in the takaway things you mentioned… (coming?)

Manu Sharma says:

Your videos are very helpful…… and have improved my game alot

FireTrace says:

Awesome tips. "Gumby", "Attacked by an animal". Love the analogies. Excellent instructor, as usual.

Joe Massimino says:

Sound advice, well done, thanks

Larry Vawter says:

as usual very informative . , Its been awhile since you posted a lesson . glad to see your back

Keith Edginton says:

I’m an absolute mess when stood over the ball. Sergio-like. Been trying to break this bad habit but it’s not easy. I’ll apply these tips. Thanks for making these videos available.

robert Zurface says:

how do i improve my tempo

BobC777 says:

Great tips ! And the fairways at your course look absolutely PERFECT !

Ralph Brown says:

Adam, thank you for the reminder to move the swing thoughts out of my head and just make a fluid swing. Well done, as usual, thanks!

SuperDuper Awesome says:

Would it be true to say that you can play without tension OR with muscling the swing but if you want longevity, stress free golf, choose the former?

bobber says:

Very helpful

Tangles says:

3 biggest reasons why I suck.

notafanatic says:

Adam, your lessons have helped my golf game improve considerably over the last 12 months. I find your style very easy to understand, please keep the content coming.

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