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3 HANDICAP BODY TURN GOLF LESSON with Mark Crossfield PGA professional. Mark talks about who to help golfers improve with better body turn to control hooked drives. Simple golf tips and golf instruction for all golfers looking to improve their driver to iron shots.

Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here https://www.youtube.com/TheR4C2010

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Frank Mayes says:

Bro…. family is toooo funny.

Steve Smith says:

Black Panther for me every time. My Kids similar age to yours so know a few that weren't there in my youth.

Aussie Mike says:

Show us pictures of when you had hair Brah.

Mark Stamm says:

Bruce Wayne, I’m Batman!

sirwhompastomp says:

Are you excited for the new Star Wars movie? If Jedi were real… and they played golf…I assume the USGA would not allow the force to be used on the course, but even still would you trust a Jedi to not use it or would they be banned from playing golf. Tough question bruh I know! haha

Andy Walker says:

You have so described my last lesson! Ironically going the opposite, trying to strengthen grip. Lots of groaning and lots of awful striking! I don't get to play much, so going backwards to go forwards has taken many months rather than weeks but feeling a bit better and hopefully getting back to some understanding again!

Lee Hodgson says:

Got a skytrak, completely get what you say about data, your right though hitting the ball every day has made a huge difference, and it seems accurate ? You get the odd shot that makes you wander but it’s rare 🙂

Lee Hodgson says:

Mark, I’d love to see you, coach and Rory play with old clubs, vlog/review/ comparison to modern equipment for example, you could play with 1930s gear, coach 1950s Rory 1970s ? Bring it on

Tiger Scott says:

I seriously think you’re an awesome coach 10/10 but what is your opinion on 2/10 coaches out there who are qualified and giving very poor advice

David Bates says:

Hi mark just a quick perhaps silly question would you say there is a dominant hand in the golf grip be gentle with me please…

Sjors den Ambtman says:

Hi mark,
Where can I send my swing to, to get a review of my swing in a daily vlog?

David Bivens says:

Right there with you with Tony Stark

Alex Warr says:

Brilliant video. I'm a scratch player, but this is exactly my miss as well (hard left every now and then). Great drills and simple ideas to reduce the big miss. Working on this type of skill is also helping me shape the ball both ways and therefore game more shots (fades, draws). Thanks Mark!

Gregory Lynn says:

That was dead on Mark. I play off 3 with same issues. Was getting so closed I couldn't effectively turn my body to the left enough. Slight tweak and daylight has returned along with a much higher ball flight. You talk much sense, the force is strong with you Bru.

Mr Kipling says:

Super hero = Hugh Hefner.

Gareth Williams says:

Sith Lord all day

Gary Rae says:

Wolverine has always been my favourite but wouldn't wanna be him….Ill go for Human Torch.

stuartkerr81 says:

Is it worth investing in a range finder? If so, whats the best version for someone on a budget?

MegaJoeytube says:

Decaf coffee with half a pint of syrup.

Jm Mj says:

picture quality isn't that good in parts Mark

lagwagon501 says:

Would doing the grip fix allow a better control of dynamic loft? My swing is very similar to his and I do get snap hooks, but also some terrible distance control on wedges and short irons. They have a tendency to go too long.

Stephen Ranno says:

Hi my name is Mark and I am GOLF!

Todd Vaughn says:

Have GC2 which was one of my best golf purchases ever. Been able to really work on carry yardages and driver settings. Obviously the ability to practice any time is HUGE. thanks for this video. Exactly my issues playing of 4-5. Keep em coming.

me01jh says:

Really good vlog Mark. How much do you want for the picture of the Robin on the door? lol

Mark Lester says:

Wonder woman, for obvious reasons.

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