(3 KEYS) How To Square The Clubface Consistently At Impact

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This video is about (3 KEYS) How To Square The Clubface Consistently At Impact Golf. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out https://ScratchGolfAcademy.com. For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.

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(3 KEYS) How To Square The Clubface Consistently At Impact


Andy Wright says:

A very good lesson Adam, thank you. A perfect reminder to me that working on this basic skill of the game is always time well spent.

Kevin Murphy says:

Awesome Adam ty !!! Stay safe !!!

John Steele says:

This is one of the best instructors anywhere . My game has really improved since I bought the package from Scratch Golf. Very good

L M 63 says:

Amazing how such a simple concept can be so challenging, even for a natural athlete. Thanks for the tips Adam.

GoodLife 15 says:

Hey Adam, why do you use the MCC4 grips?

Ted Cummings says:

I am always amazed at how Adam helps us learn a movement versus a position. I often find myself thinking why haven't other golf instructors pointed this out before. As a 81 year old golfer who has played the game since I was a an 8 year old boy, I wish I had the benefit of Adam's golfing wisdom a long time ago. At the same time, I am very grateful I found him well into the back nine of my golfing life. Thanks Adam.

Marcel Van Rijn says:

Great easy video. Do I square this the same with the driver?

Derka Derka says:

Well presented! Thank you!

kirkph says:

Another great video, many thanks Adam !

David York says:

You have some of the most valuable, concise information on the golf swing that I’ve seen anywhere.

G Man says:

Thank you for another great video!!

stylz1 says:

Great stuff.

Andrew Roberts says:

As usual absolutely brilliant video. You are by far the best coach in terms of relating thought processes and learning experiences, particularly learning through feedback and by actually playing and feeling. This is far more valuable than many coaches can related in 1-1 lessons. From this and another video, making "errors on the other side," sticks with me as I practice. If you fat the ball, did you ever make an error on the other side and take a divot way ahead of the ball? I bet many people have been taking divots before the ball all of their lives. Such insight is really important. All the best Adam!

Toto Sugiarto says:

Best Practice Sir Adam.., I already done on range, the result very surprise.., more dead straight, good balance posture, & make smooth rythim.., Awesome.., Thanks a lot.. Sir..

Bhristian says:

thank god it’s you in the video this time and not that other guy ??

Juan Carlos Recarey says:

As always an excellent lesson, dear Friend ?

Thedabby dabby says:

Great video as always Adam, look forward to trying these drills for myself.

Cenz Gullo says:

Adam, you are a revelation! Thank you for your gift of sharing.

Keith Gunn says:

Great advice, experimenting with direction really does work by exaggerating extremely then bringing it back ?

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