3 mins on the Stack & Tilt golf swing| Golf Tips | Lesson 54

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Nick love your videos on youtube and since I started watching I am giving stack and tilt another shot.   While going thru my garage yesterday I came across a training device I bought many years ago called a Medicus VisionTrack ( You can find videos of it on youtube)   After viewing the videos tell me what your thoughts of using is as training aid for S & T.   Thanks

wbuncewb says:

hi Nick can you just clarify for me do I hit up on the driver or do I hit slightly down playing some of the best golf I've ever played since starting Stack and tilt but still struggling with a fade on my driver there seems to be no consistency with the shots please help?

Leon Neab says:

Hi Nick , do you offer one to one lessons on S&T? Been using the system for 3 months now and want to make sure I'm getting the best out of this system . Cheers

Maria Mark says:

Great explanation and visual — yesterday, I was just introduced to more of the "stack" (60/40) than the "tilt" according to my club maker — when he was suggesting the 60/40 weight distribution, I asked if that was the S&T…he said he focused on the S part, not so much the T part…so, what exactly is the T part. I'm really looking forward to trying it on the driving range — it all makes perfect sense and swinging the club in my living room, I can already tell a difference of where the club bottoms out…

Thomas Klang says:

Good informative video Nick.

Martin Barnes says:

is stack and tilt still popular.i do like the system but very few people teach it

Jeff Monik says:

u are misrepresenting what is taught on right side load- you showed a bad example of reverse pivot which might be what a bad golfer does but they are not taught to do it that way.
I go along with stack and tilt but it doesent do your cause any good to use a bad example of a swing and say the golfer is taught that.


Brilliant video pal

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