3 Setup Tips for Seniors to Gain Distance (with Manny Martinez)

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Watch this video with San Antonio golf instructor Manny Martinez to learn 3 easy setup tips to gain more distance for senior golfers. Visit AlamoCityGolfTrail.com to book a lesson with Manny or any Alamo City Golf Instructor.


Valley International Country Club says:

Golf Tip of the Day!


Senior City says:

Golf Tips for seniors from a pro

3 Setup Tips for Seniors to Gain Distance (with Manny Martinez)

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Manny Martinez PGA says:

Thanks…farther not further…LOL! I learned something…maybe I can
excuse it with my Italian accent.:)

Tj g says:

Umm….. if you hit that ball pep boys is gonna get it .

BrentV14 says:

Cancel my last comment. I had an echo that made the audio impossible to
listen to. That’s now disappeared!

Harry Piels says:

And you must hit the fairway to get roll. The rough robs your distance
going in and hitting out. That’s why you end up with double and ripple

alamocitygolftrail says:

Hit it through the tire and win a free oil change!

BrentV14 says:

audio is dreadful

Joe Williams says:

Very helpful Manny! However, as a golfer I would just remind you that
“further” refers a non-physical “distance” such as “He went further in grad
School.” Farther is physical distance, such as, “Tiger hits a golf ball
farther than I do.” This is a common mistake that I hear from golf
commentators all the time. Love you Manny, just want you to sound as smart
as you are.

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