3 Simple Tips for Massive Driving Distance!

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Try these 3 simple, easy to follow golf tips and pick up as much as 30 yards in the coming weeks. These are proven ideas that will increase your clubhead speed, and make your golf swing much more powerful.

Are you hitting your driver as far as you'd like?

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Garrett Noble says:

Hey Steve, love the videos. Regarding being reckless at the bottom of the swing: when I do this, I feel I have a ton of speed, but I also tend to leave the club face pretty open and end up with big pushes/push slices. Any tips? I have a neutral grip, so would a stronger grip be the key or am I setting myself up for more problems? Thanks!

HKMAN says:

Went back through your videos in regards to the throwing action. I struggle with that. Gotta get down the range next week to try these tips as well. Thanks.

Barebare kun says:

If you can make the swoosh as loud as those sound effects then you can hit it 1000 yards.
Turn down sound effects that was loud.

chubby chequer says:

Can I buy.a swoosh stick?? Is this same with the irons?? I drag the handle still.hit it quite far but when I'm off i start blocking and fading it very weak ball flight. I could swing so much quicker if i swooshed the head of the club

Lawrence Splitter says:

what about the collar bang on the backswing to mirror the follow through?

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