3 Tips for Effortless Power in Your Golf Swing!

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Every golfer wants to hit for power and distance without looking for feeling like they are! Steve from www.hititlonger.com talks about 3 different approaches to achieving super smooth and effortless 300+ yard drives.


Ron Young says:

Do you have any tips on actually transferring your weight from the back to front feet? I always seem to want to hit the ball before I shift. Maybe some kind of drill!

Les Winter says:

Nice tips with the exception of over rolling your left wrist through and after impact. Austin’s methods teach more of a cupped left wrist at waist high into the follow through. It’s true that the left wrist does roll to close the face at and slightly after impact but, there’s no need to keep rolling far into the follow through.

thatwilldonicely says:

Hi Steve, thanks for your interesting video, i wanted to ask do you advocate actively rotating your forearms
to at least close the club face to square/through square? as i would imagine if the major problem of mid/hi handicappers is an open face, at impact they never seem to get the club face to square? ive been experimenting with deliberately rotating the forearms and am hitting some powerful shots (doing this along with rotating the hips strongly) cheers

Suzy Florida says:

Was Mike exaggerating when he said that he had swung the club at 155 mph? He also said that he invented a machine that gave him that figure. Is that true, too?

koicarp0 says:

The Mike Austin religion is alive and well thanks Steve

Golf India VLOG says:

Breaking the line in backswing , please elaborate. Won't it look like sway?

Golf India VLOG says:

How to prevent fat shots?

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