3 Tips for Smashing Your Longest Drives!

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Here are 3 quick tips that you can take to the driving range that will increase your clubhead speed and getting you smashing longer drives.

Make your driver your most lethal weapon instead of your biggest liability!

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초짜프로(82년생 KPGA도전기) says:

Nice video~

CraigInDallas says:

Your videos are informative and interesting. Are you aware that your mic picks up the freeway and other background sounds almost as well as your voice?

hbyrdut says:

I had a driver fitting earlier this year and the fitter suggested that I keep my head centered. I tried this on the range and the course and I lost 20 yards with my driver so I stopped.

Zero2Hero Golf says:

Steve, do you give lessons for driver and irons? If so, what are your prices? thanks

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