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Do you find yourself falling off balance following your shots?

If this does sound like you then this video is sure to help as Chris Ryan offers you 3 key things that you can focus on which will affect your ability to stay and swing in balance.

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JustJames says:

Great video Chris and would be really helpful if with the two alignment sticks you could explain where they are placed in reference to your posture please. It looks like the inside one is stuck in the ground in line with your toes and the second alignment stick is in line with the ball/target line. It also looks like they are just outside the clubhead at first parallel, or am I misinterpreting this.

Many thanks Chris.


Buck Rogers says:

Quite easy to say when the 7 club doesn't even reach your waist. It's like me playing with a kid's set, lol.

James Howell says:

This really helped my game thank you!!

Armando Smith says:

Standing on the alignment stick is a great drill. I do this all the time and it does wonders for finding the center of the club face with all clubs. The linear shift while standing on the alignment stick is also key.

Sp!cyman says:

Hi Chris. Thanks for the video. I think my lack of balance has been causing me to shank. Possibly leaning towards the ball. Have you seen this before? Or am I just a weirdo?!

herman groenewald says:

Excellent Excellent Excellent. I email you, you send me this video and this is just excellent

Kimchicracker says:

“He’s more in danger now that he’s off to the right.” 😆

B Seely says:

Another great video Chis!

Terry Brett says:

Great video, good and easy way to check your balance. Love how you make it simple & easy.

Ruud Schrijvers says:

I will give this a try for sure because I loose my balance more than I want.

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