3 Ways To Shallow The Club In The Golf Swing

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3 Ways To Shallow The Club In The Golf Swing
Alistair Davies golf Uk Top 25 Golf Coach shares with you 3 great ways to shallow your golf swing. These 3 ways allow you to own your own feels and thoughts to get the shaft to shallow in the downswing.
Follow his tried and tested tips straight from his golf academy.
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00:00 intro to 3 ways to shallow the golf club
00:40 common issues with golfers
01:20 arms, body and wrists to shallow
01:30 right bend to shallow the club
02:58 hitting demo
03:12 the arm action to shallow the club
03:20 trail arm external move
03:40 drill to get arm feel
04:30 hitting demo 2
04:40 wrist action to shallow the club
05:00 drills and feels for the wrists
06:30 hitting demo 3
08:10 end

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Alistair Davies Golf says:

Thanks for watching 3 best ways to shallow the club in the golf swing. Al

Stephen Hoard says:

Alistair, this is a good explanation of shallowing. Don't trouble over whether you show ideal examples in your swings. I get their intent. I've been working on my downswing for several months now. My best impacts are associated with drawing the clubhead through the ball location, sort of sweeping it along. Normally there is minimal divot with these strikes. I no longer bring the club back shallow so that my only option for the downswing is up and over. Instead I'm trying to end the backswing in a way that I can lower the club during the initial movement in the downswing. Your third example of wrist angles makes a lot of sense to me. I'll try to feel that during my next practice session. Thanks again for all of your help.

Mark Turner says:

Another great video easily explained 👏 👌 👍

Roger Driscoll says:

Really enjoyed another great video. Thank you. I prefer the side bend method of swallowing the club but will also try the other two.

Steve Batty says:

Find it so difficult to transfer weight with out going inline as you say. Leads to a lot of pulls.

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