$350 Vs $22,000 – GOLF LAUNCH MONITORS!

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$350 Vs $22,000 – GOLF LAUNCH MONITORS!
VOICECADDIE SC200 Swing Caddie VS FORESIGHT GCQUAD launch monitor!
PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels tests the SC200 Swing Caddie up against the market leader in golf the GCQuad! With no strings attached and no silly affiliate links!


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Chris Bates says:

Get a surveyors wheel measure save yourself $300 and get some exercise.

Chris Bates says:

Having watched your GC Quad then see you hit it consistently a club or two short on the course am doubting it’s accuracy for 22k. Have you checked any of these against a tape measure ?

Going back years, once I did accurate measures on all my wedge distances, taped those on the shafts I started hitting it to within 10 feet every time any distance, then I started lowering the course record at my home club.

311hitwall says:

All the small units have problems with overheating for the radar.

mercster says:

Couldn't a smartphone's camera do all this? Just load an app?

krusher74 says:

Would have been good if you had slowed your driver clubhead speed down to 100mph and see how it did.

Clyde Barrow says:

I bought this about a year ago and for me it seems to be very accurate. There are exceptions, like when you hit a chunky shot, it will give you the distance as if you had hit the shot clean. I think the technology in this machine basically gauges your swing speed and then gives you a calculation based on the loft of your club. As far as being very closer to the monitor to use the remote, I think the opposite is true, I stand 4 feet from mine and the remote works perfectly, if you are too close you probably need to hit aim the beam exactly at the receiver, stand back and the beam spreads out and the machine will read it. I use this about once a week and the batteries last for just under a year. One feature I really like is that you can set the monitor to give you a random yardage and then you try and get as close to that yardage as possible.

Tadhg Brosnan says:

Hey Rick, would love to see the sc300 Vs the Garmin g80 approach? Both are in the same price bracket and you seem to stand over the Garmin. would like to get one of them, more data or the GPS.

Darrin Ward says:

Geez Rick, careful holding 22,000 all willy nilly like that. I was nervous just watching

nevin le Roux says:

Hi Rick! Thanks for all the great videos, i try not to miss them. Can you do a review on the new swing caddie 300 vs your GC Quad. Thanks

Not Me Not Me says:

I just use Toptracer at my local driving range. Provides me with a lot of info including my average distance for each individual club and records each session, to see improvements. The only thing it doesn’t provide is swing speed. And it costs next to nothing.

John Pulido says:

What about the long irons!!!!!!

MidLifeBiker says:

One tracks from the side so I expect its better for indoors whereas the mobile device is aimed at outdoors tracking from behind.

derk jolink says:

Does anybody have any experience whether extended shafts will influence the readings of the VoiceCaddie?

John says:

I've been using this device for several months and apart from some obvious mis-reads it has been very accurate and helpful!

Daniel Clifton says:

id pay that just to see the looks I get at the range. "one hundred ninety four" "one hundred eight seven"

Steve M says:

Hey man what simulator setup do you have? Can you recommend something for me that is around $2-3000? I need a projector that is retractable as well….thank you buddy!

Jopet Garcia says:

How would the SC200 compare to the Garmin Approach G80? I've been reading technical issues with the G80. I know you endorse Garmin but would appreciate your insights. Great material as always.

N Kawmi says:

Notice how Rick puts likes on the comments that trash the SC200 and ignores the comments that tells him the SC200 should have been tested outside to give accurate readings. Would you say a review paid for by the GCquad maker? ?

John Humes says:

I’m wondering how well it would read heavily chunked shots and thin shots. I would like to see you take one outside and hit bad shots vs good shots of the same club.

Austin Miller says:

Hey Rick, love the video but I have the SC200 and personally I wish I hadn't bought it. However, I'd love to see you review the Skytrak and how it compares to the GC2 or GC Quad. Keep up the great work!!!

Gary Hovey says:

I use the SC200 outside on the range and find that it tracks the driver accurately

roul3688 says:

I’ve noticed the monitor at Dick’s Sporting Goods/Golf Galaxy adds several yards to my shots. It says I hit a 4 hybrid 250 yards when I normally hit my 3 hybrid around 215-225.

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