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malthuswasright says:

All good items ( I have all of them), but I don't think we should be encouraging the use of plastic tees – they don't last for ever (I've broken plenty and the castles deform), people leave them on the course and they are really bad for the wildlife on the course. You can get wooden tees ranging from tiny to really long, and they are cheap to buy. The last thing we need is more plastic debris. (And you might like to record your videos in a room with less echo!)

David Greenwood says:

Recommend u add links of items u recommend in the description section. Also suggest camera zoom in and pause on each item to determine, brand, item number,price label etc…Those are 5 great low cost bag addition suggestions. I might add a microfiber towel..great to dry things off on wet or damp days,few bandaids/antibiotic ointment for blisters, small 4-5” notebook pad…nice to log ideas on club, ball usage, your thoughts what was prob or what worked best, bug spray, snap clip to hang a water bottle, or a wire brush on the towel ring…

Zaid Seedat says:

Hi mate
Where can we buy the brush and groove cleaner

Ammar Ahmad says:

suggestion, every time u introduce a product, show a quick zoom in what the product is/look like, and then continue with the zoom out explanation. Great content though ??????

Philippe B says:

Essential item…a fckn microphone

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