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In this video, Golf Monthly's Neil Tappin runs through 5 gear checks every golfer needs to make. These range from checking your yardages to making sure your grips are in a good state ready for a powerful, athletic golf swing. If you are looking to play better golf, then keeping an eye on your gear is a must – here's how to do it!

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michael gillies says:

With the grips change to gripmaster grips,they are 10x better than rubber and for the cost of 1 set of leather grips,although costly at first,it will be cheaper in the end as it would outlast 3-4 sets of rubber grips

Mike Reed says:

I would add to the list checking which tee you are using. I have two tees I carry…a castle tee for shots with my driver and a short tee for iron shots off the tee. Many of my golf buddies carry an assortment of tees they have found and rarely play the same one twice!!

guy Rawson says:

No matter how you measure the gap of your clubs, nothing compensates for that pure strike that hits it 20 yards further through the back of the green.
Currently I don’t use any device for yardage measurement when putt on the course, my swing is still too erratic. I can tell by the distance to the green if I can reach it or not and a feel for which club it is, typically based around 7 iron distance and clubbing up or down.
I have a 54 and 60 deg wedges and struggle with the 60 I am only getting 50 yards max with it, but mentally struggle to trust the loft with short shots to hit it firmly

RoadToScratchGolf says:

Also check your shoes for top and bottom wear, strings, comfort and fit. Replace if necessary.

minno234 says:

Pick one decent ball and stick with it. I have a deal with mates where we swap ‘found’ balls.

Also: wash your gloves once a month. You’ll be amazed how much salt and dirt comes out.

minno234 says:

Get reliable carry distances on course – not on a range. You can’t fool yourself when playing ‘real golf’. Just note down every shot and you’ll soon have your yardages.

Joe Braden says:

A decent sized golf towel is a must

Rick Mohr says:

I like to routinely check my accessories…tees, divot repair tool (based on the number of unfixed marks i see, one would think there is a worldwide shortage), ibuprofen, allergy tablets, bug repellant, reasonably clean towels, etc. I also keep a cloth facemask, just in case a course requires it when paying at the window or going into the clubhouse.

FacePalm says:

Sorry but I slightly disagree with tip 1. Don't automatically trust your yardages from an outdoor driving range – with or without Top Tracer. Your yardages will still vary depending on wind direction, temperature and humidity. Your yardages may even vary throughout a single day because of weather conditions. For gapping purposes then I agree with Neil. An outdoor range is fine. But if you want to monitor your actual yardages periodically it can only be done properly in an indoor simulator where weather is a non factor.

Scott Mckeon says:

Who are you guys making videos for at this point?
Experienced golfers don't need to be told to keep things clean and that clubs get worn out.
Beginners/hackers arent going to be drawn into golf by boring drawn out videos like this.
Your loyal viewers (I guess some exist) have seen this same video made by you same people multiple times.

Put some effort into making fresh and entertaining content, not recycled and vastly overused 'insights'.

It took 2+ minutes to explain to people that clean grips are better than dirty. Same time again to say dont use rubbish found balls. Then you finish up with the life changing revelation that you should get fresh gloves when they wear out….. Brilliant.

Can't wait for next weeks rangefinder video, or maybe you will mix things up and make another video telling us to wear rain gear when it is raining. Probably due for another rules video about the same 5 rules again.

Tony Croxon says:

Always check for uneaten banana's after every round 🤮!!

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