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This weeks impact show gives 5 golf tips to help you lower your golf scores to break 80


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Meandmygolf says:

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Aidan Ahern says:

Fab video again. Guys, where can I purchase your adidas clothes. They are the business. Haven't seen them on adidas website

Mechanic-Mike says:

Swing at 80% of your max swing speed. That's how I break 80. Hitting 4 iron from tee box for most players is not recommended. Unless you already break 80 on a regular basis.

Jax Maxam Golf says:

I need to hit driver on par4s and par5s cus I’m only 10 and I can’t hit very far

KC Crow says:

I totally broke 80 this morning playing 18 holes of par 3 golf. As a matter of fact, I almost broke 70. ?


Four is key

Aaron Rothwell says:

Very few golf courses have course planners! Maybe the ones you boys play at over £100 a round but ones at £25-30 don't!

Ryan Turley says:

Ive broke 80 2 times but I can't do it consistently i shoot 80 to 83 all the time

Rich S says:

I hope someday I will break 80 great lesson yet again ?⛳️?

Stefan Melcher says:

Little question to your 4th Tip, are positive emotions welcome?

Brian Trenaman says:

Great and valid tipps – but terribly distorted sound.

Big Knuckle says:

They act like the putting practice green doesn't have 50 other people on it….

patrick Wall says:

I take it 'cracker' doesn't mean the same thing in the U.K as it does in the U.S. LOL.

kenneth rasmussen says:

Hey guys! I played a brand new course and broke 90 today using several of the tips I’ve spent countless hours watching. Definitely a huge accomplishment! I managed to do it using only irons, literally zero woods or hybrids. Piers and Andy are the best thing to ever happen to my golf game ??

Jake Wenczkowski says:

shot a 78 on a 66 par course last week. my goal is to break 80 this year

J Z says:

does : 1. Hit ball straight 2. 2 putt. Count as a valid strat? that will get me below 83.

trevor thistle says:

that putting green hole is crazy deep, he hit 4 balls into it and you cant even see them

0331 says:

I like the course planner thing, I’ve actually tried it. Problem was I’m not good enough to execute the strategy ?

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face” – Mike Tyson

I tee off with an iron when I know I can’t drive the green with a driver and it’s a narrow fairway. Then I put the iron into the Woods. I think, “shoot, I coulda done that with the driver but been up 80 yards and pitching out up there instead “?

Zoe G. Golf says:


1. hit your shots on the fairway
2. chip in
3. make all putts
4. get holes in ones
5. shoot under par

its sooooo easy

Aaron eire says:

I wonder do they wear the same underpants aswell

Buttdreads says:

Honestly, the only thing you need to do to break 80 is have good course management.

Rani VDE says:

I don't get why breaking 80 is that difficult, my golf course is an overall par 70, 80 is like 10 over 70… So just going for that +8 or + 9 is enough

B Canada says:

Good to learn good practices even though I can't break 100 yet. Think like a PGA Pro on TV

Kenny MacM says:

The emotions thing is No1, you must forget the bad hole and start afresh. NOT easy!

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