5 Putting Hacks

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How would you like 5 putting hacks to drain important putts? Do you get wristy, lose your feel, or “guide” the ball? If so, this video is perfect for you!

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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vishal dubey says:

You epitomize gentlemanship.
You're as smooth as your putts.
Great fan !!

JustJames says:

Good video again Clay and it would be helpful to know how this 'plumbing the putt' works, as I've seen different explanations and they just seem to account for eye dominance. Also, if the putter shaft is vertical then how would the flag appear to one side rather than directly behind it?

Bill Watson says:

Love the plumb bob trick… but… be sure that you've figured out what is vertical for YOUR putter. It may be hanging crooked if you don't. Line it up with some door frame in your house or whatever to figure out perfectly vertical. Then either mark it or remember in what direction to hang the putter when you are plumb bobbing.

J. C. Hunt says:

Well done. Thank you,

matt cass says:

Plumb bobbing is nonsense, it does not work at all. I cannot believe anyone still teaches it.

Hiral Patel says:

Nice hacks and tips to help understand the putting stroke a little more

Par Breakers Golf Academy says:

Most amazing golf tip video i have ever seen

Robbie White says:

Great tips, love the first one. Awesome course too, I’ve actually played it once.

Steve James says:

Thanks Clay really really love the green reading technique.Its gonna be really helpful to find the break on the greens

Scott Uriguen says:

What happened to the Evnroll?

roberto colanzi says:

Great video. Did the groundskeeper have a heart attack when he saw use the wedge in the green?

Terry Benson says:

Further to my comment below. We need to check the edge of the putter shaft is vertical. Pick a vertical line like the frame of a door. Hold the putter out in front then using the dominant eye see if the shaft is vertical. The centre of gravity of the putter head will determine if the shaft edge is vertical. To get the shaft vertical rotate the putter head until the shaft and the vertical reference match up. When plumb bobbing, the putter must always be hanging in the same orientation that gets the shaft vertical. The plumb bob method is a useful guide to slope or borrow it is not perfect on every green, the demonstration you gave is good and helps confirm what you see by standing well back from the ball to hole line.

Terry Benson says:

G'day Clay, I've used the plumb bob for years, the explanation in Golf Digest (80' or 90's) included determining the dominant eye, the dominant eye should be used to view the borrow (the non-dominant eye is closed). Pick a point like a mark on a wall, hold your arms out straight and frame the mark with your hands, now close an eye, observe whether the mark has moved or remained central to the frame made by your hands. Then repeat with the other eye. Whichever eye leaves the mark central is the dominant eye, the dominant eye is unlikely to change over time. Using both eyes to view the borrow can introduce anomalies using the dominant eye increase certainty and accuracy.

Dj Dave says:

plumb bobbing can be tough for certain few people but overall works :D, Also on multiple breaks best to just look at it from a distance and both sides 🙂

Robert O'Reilly says:

Haha! Brilliant. Cheers Clay!

Doug Zembiec says:

Best coach on YouTube — thanks Clay !!

Paul Ferrante says:


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