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Samuel McCormick says:

Nice one I like it and its so true thanks

Samuel McCormick says:

I sometimes play with guys in our group some of them have bad attitudes and when I’m drawn with them my hear sinks and I generally I don’t have a good game,how do I have a more professional attitude in the game and without be rude ignore then

amigopheasantkiller says:

I've been told the best way to take 5 strokes off my game is to simply skip the first par three hole. 🙂 I know, that's an old joke….

David Smyle says:

Do you come to the states to give clinics?

MrZocor says:

If it is a full swing , it isn't easy. an easy golf swing is like hitting it like a croquet mallet. Anything harder than that takes lots of practice.

Julian Mellor Easiest Swing Golf Coach says:

Hi Julian, I found your video's on You Tube and I got interested in them. I'm 65 and I'm still pretty flexible. The more I watched, the more it began to make sense. Straight left arm, big shoulder turn, hip turn, release hips quickly and so on. I believe there is too much instruction or not the correct instruction on media sites, magazines and TV. Yours was very informative and struck a chord. I began to practice the turn from side to side and the 6 fundamentals you teach. I went out today in south Alabama, USA where I live and followed everything I watched in your videos and have been practicing. I warmed up like you showed and then I played from the white tees which were 6360 yards and shot a 83 with 2 birdies. I have not played since 10/25/17 so, that is what makes it so special. I just swung easy like you you showed and just struck some of the most solid shots I have hit in over 30 years of golf. I have never lifted my front heel ever but, I did today and it did make a difference. I did hit some terrible shots, but with work, I think I have a golf swing I can play with a lot longer than I thought I could. Lord willing, I could use this swing into my eighties. I will continue to watch your videos and please keep them coming. You are an excellent teacher that more senior golfer's need to hear about and I will do my share in spreading. the word. Thank you, Dan

Roy Bailey says:

Hi Julian I attended one of your one day courses and posted how much I benefitted from your coaching. If you have time can you do a short video on how to avoid shanking the ball…….it's the only thing I can't seem to correct from my easiest swing in golf method. Thank you, Roy

rono8275 says:

What brand clubs do you have in this video? Shaft?

rono8275 says:

What jacket are you wearing? Rain suit jacket or wind jacket? Brand? Where to get it? Thanks!

Julian Mellor Easiest Swing Golf Coach says:

Thank you Tom

Julian, I have played and suffered the wonderful game of golf for the last thirty-nine years. I was serious about to leave the game when I searched " senior golf swing", and fortunately landed on your basic video. I am a long way from being a good player still, but thanks to you, I am a hell of a lot closer than I have ever been. More importantly, I now have hope that I can be the player I have worked so hard to become. Thank you so very much, I have introduced several of my golf buddies to your teaching, all are amazed at the results. Thank you so much. Tom Baldwin, Ocala Florida, USA.

Tom Donnelly says:

What controls when a shot checks and when a shot releases? When I use a lofted wedge, such as a sand wedge, it usually checks up and doesn’t release and roll, like a 7-iron does.

michael brooks says:

Just got into your golf tips,I'm still learning and taking it in ,great tips

Helene Simard says:

Good tips, sometime bad attitude destroy the games of other people.

Bill Schoneberger says:


John Schreiner says:

Excellent advice as always Julian. I must make plans to come over to visit and learn from you since you have been denied a visa to come to the States to teach.

Julian Mellor Easiest Swing Golf Coach says:

Looks like my ? person has been watching again ??

Rod Galilee says:

top tips indeed, it's why i like PIG, notch talk

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