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In this video, Neil Tappin takes a look at how you can most effectively upgrade your equipment for 2021. From new clubs to your choice of shoe and ball, he offers some simple pointers to help you make the smartest choice possible.

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Rexx Kramer says:

I ditched my foot joy pro sl’s for my bare feet on the course.

Daniel Munoz says:

I received a Blue Tees Golf rangefinder from my wife for Christmas and it has worked like a charm. It has the slope function that can be switched off and is easy to use

Golfing Accessories R Us says:

New grips are a definite must. Mine were so old, they were slick. My husband put on new and a little bigger grips and it has made an amazing difference.

James Barker says:

galaxy watch 3 with TM my round pro. Its very good but have not picked up GPS on latest 2 rounds

Interested Bystander says:

Upgrade your ball marker. If you look flash on the green, your whole attitude changes and you'll play like a baus!

Garrison Gielda says:

The golf ball one is such a great tip. I started using the same ball and it’s nice

Michael keys says:

Now I see why they call golf a rich man sport

David Ji says:

3:08 yes, I have a specific ball that suit me, it’s the Polaris ultimate straight ?

Carl Burleigh says:

The best upgrade I ever had was getting fitted for my putter.

AssmWorld says:

thanks man i wasn't sure what to get for my dad, these suggestions seem like fantastic ideas

David Doyle says:

I'm using the garmin z82 is incredible best buy this year

Grant Lane says:

Upgrading the Lob wedge yearly is a must IMO. Now just have found a model i really enjoy and bought 2 for the year, one for practice one for playing. hope it’ll extend the lifespan a decent bit.

Aaron Keaveney says:

I use a Garmin vivoactive 4s for both golf and running (my two big hobbies)….it's a great watch for both and I would suggest not just buy a watch only for golf but buy it for multiple uses

Luca Green says:

Can't go wrong with the Bushnell V4

No Filter League says:

So this video is just telling people to buy new things? Sick

Gerald Thomas says:

Granted I haven’t looked/investigated in a few years, but I’d like to have one measuring device instead of 2. My Garmin S20 is perfect for F/M/B distances, but if I need the actual ‘playing’ distance or a number to a hazard, I break out my rangefinder.

chad z says:

Just copped a Garmin z82 for $450 USD. They’re $100 off atm and I also got a 10% discount

Joe Edwards says:

Welcome to an ad for buying the latest tech

Ollie Billingham says:

Appreciate golf more! We have lost it so much the past year. Go out there and just enjoy it

Fernando Delosreyes says:

Seems like you have no knowledge of your golf game but buy new equipment, learn how to use your equipment, you will play better golf,

John Sandy says:

Just started my journey with Shotscope V3. Starting to get some really food data after the round and during the round. My Bushnell rangefinder rarely makes an appearance these days.

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