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In this video, Neil Tappin and Jezz Ellwood look at 7 golf gear rules. These are all rules of golf you will need to follow when playing in competition. From laser range finders to the golf balls you play, these 7 golf gear rules are well worth knowing for anyone playing competitive golf. Hopefully they help you avoid any rules-related disasters!

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Jeremy Ruckman says:

The no slope on the rangefinder makes ZERO sense. If you can’t use the slope you shouldn’t be allowed to use the ranger finder at all or vice versa. They should just let them use the slope. If not don’t let them use it at all. The slope calculator is the exact same thing as the distance calculator. Lol it’s all technology

Peter McGill says:

A guy was disqualified for using a club after adjusting it after shooting 5 under his handicap. He was was happy with the ruling until the next week when he found he still lost a couple of shots on his handicap. Managing one’s handicap is a a common cheat in the game.

Angela Richards says:

What about if I loose a ball for what ever reason e. G. Water and you don't have any more of that particular brand left. So you drop a new, as in replacement ball, for most amateurs that could be any brand/model /colour/ type. Is this a penalty?

Michael Ritter says:

On #5 I think where the rules official was looking into the bag, the one point I think that wasn’t mentioned was that it’s legal to look into the bag as long as he does nothing to the clubs. Some people actually put a towel over the clubs. In this case the official moved clubs which was illegal, but just looking and observing is OK

dmurphy915 says:

Ok I got a crazy one, say you elect to stop on 16 during tournament play because it is getting dark.

You are re-ended driving home and your 10.5 adjuable driver is destroyed. A 9.5 otherwise equal is available and could be set to 10.5. With the same draw weight position could this be acceptable as a replacement club?

No, right?

T.D. Alan says:

Rules on club grips.

Rob Hextall says:

15 clubs in your bag after testing 2 drivers at the range. You notice before you tee off on the first and there's no time to take it back to your car so you'll either get penalised or leave your club on the first tee to potentially be stolen? If you notice before you tee off on the first and then tell your partners then surely that's ok? I sometimes even have an extra shaft in the bag and a head that fits it in one of the pockets too. That's technically 15 clubs, is that a penalty too if you know about it before you play? Thanks.

Furious Phoenix says:

Does this apply in the United States ?? too?

Conny Johansson says:

asking about the distance is more of a help than asking what club did you use. That info is only worth anything if we have the same distance on our strikes. Me asking my mum what club did you use on this par 3. She says, Driver. ohh okey then i use the driver and land 2 golf courses over. useless info.

Jack Fayle says:

BIG pinch of salt for basically ALL of these…

Tyler Hamman says:

#1 someone tried to call me on that in high school level. I was a poor golfer haha

Dylan Burrows says:

Can pros switch the ball from hole to hole? Same brand, and model, but same ball? What about if a ball is damaged?

Jerry Reynolds says:

In competition….. if not playing competition, who cares????????

robh316 says:

The club adjustability needs changing other wise what's the point of pretty much all drivers now being adjustable

Lag Man Johnson says:

Does anybody actually play be the “official” rules when they’re just out by themselves or with some friends? If they do then they have to be a miserable bastard.

Taylor Dickinson says:

Distance measuring device… aka rangefinder

TyrantRex says:

So could I put a 48 inch long driver, along with my normal driver and not exceeding 14 clubs, in my bag with no intention of using it for anything but getting like 6 more inches on drops?

Jimmy Sackuvich says:

Nothing like having that one guy in your group carrying 15 clubs

D Cowboys says:

Can you ask about the club selection after both golfers have hit?

AbyssalReClass says:

Some of these rules (advice, slopes) seem more intended to protect the jobs of caddies…

Andrew Rubin says:

Two interesting points (to me) were that the one ball rule does not apply at club level. I was unaware that that rule applies only to pro and upper level amateur (whatever that is) competition. That might affect how I play par fives.
The second is the looking in the bag rule. I played four years of college varsity golf in the states (plus fairly high level tournaments like the California Amateur, NorCal Amateur) and we always tried to take a peek at our opponent's club selection on a par 3. He tried to hide the club, we tried to read the iron number, it was a game within the game.

Kiro says:

I think an updated rules video for the post-lockdown conditions would be interesting.
like the inverted cups/foam in the cups.
state of bunkers with no rakes etc..

Sergio carter says:

aloo la verdad excelente video lo disfrute bastante espero el nuevo video me despido les envio kisses agradecido

Carlos alem says:

aloo la verdad muy bueno video me gusto necesito el nuevo éxito los dejo les mando besis gracias

Dallas Reid says:

The section on advice was utterly crap, drivelling on about "rummaging in someones bag". They should have given a clear explanation which is that you cannot touch another players bag/equipment to determine what club they used. Nothing wrong with using your eyes, either to see what club they hit, or to check which club is out of the bag. Left me having to check the rules.

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