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► In this video, Joel Tadman suggest seven simple changes you can make to your golf equipment this winter that could make a big difference to your scores. Whether it's a tweak to your driver set up to gain more carry distance or going to a more user-friendly wedge design, we're confident that these hacks will enable you to combat the difficulties playing golf in the winter usually provide.

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Nicolas Yeandle says:

You don’t need to show us how to put the ball in our pocket

Carl White says:

Terrible video!!! GM advice : spend a fortune on new gear for a time of year when virtually no competitive golf is played. Top hacks!!!!

Adam Mellick says:

Distance balls make no difference, just less spin.

Andrew Reinke says:

Try chipping with a PW or 9 iron

Andy Wood says:

Think some lead tape on your current putter would be more of a hack 👍

Sam Berry says:

Harvey Penick said that heavy putters should be used on fast greens, to slow down your stroke, and visa versa

Darren bell says:

Got to agree on the wedges Joel game the vokey sm8 through the summer but digging in too much now it's gone soft so put the md cb wedges in the bag 2 weeks ago and what a difference. Catching the ball clean now on chip shots and it's improved my chipling for sure.

Andrew Cook says:

in winter, play with your zipper down because you'll shoot better scores…

David A says:

Modify your golf gear….by buying different golf gear

Golf Dweller says:

2 and 3 basically involves having different clubs for summer and winter… great advice 😒. These aren’t hacks, they all involve spending money, so this is basically a sales pitch video… Jeez 🙄

William Arrington says:

I am guessing your ground doesnt freeze where you guys play. With a frozen ground the ball bounces and goes. You get less distance carry because the ball is colder but more roll out.

Greasby1golf says:

Or just adapt ur game

David Robinson says:

A classic GM – buy a new set of wedges at a tiny £300

Pete M says:

The wedge part is very true.

Robert Solachnek says:

Hi,in la it’s winter when the Gardner waters

Patrick Comiskey says:

I have never given out on a YouTube post before but… “Modify” your golf gear by buying new golf gear.🙄 Terrible video and worthy of an unsub.

dan l says:

Yeah adding loft to the driver is great if you don’t play on a windy links course 🙄🤦‍♂️

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