70 Degree Wedge for ULTIMATE Backspin?

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70 Degree Wedge for ULTIMATE Backspin? In this video we look at if a super high lofted wedge can deliver the ultimate amount of backspin on those short shots.

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peedizzle5 says:

Normally a fan but the delivery of this was so slow.
Peter, if you’ve just had some training and that’s caused the change then go back to how you spoke before.
I know it’s picky but it drives people mad

MokaMcguinness says:

I have actually a quick spot on the greens because of my angle of attack. I ve got stupids launch angle which kills my distances but allow me to stop my ball within 4or 5 meters even on long irons. Being able to provoc it intentionally would be great

anand mccullum says:

Nice video wish I that club

Andragon Dhark says:

Have you also used the 70 with GC-Quad on soft grass or only from the mat? 70 degrees wth not adjusting the bounce I'd expect that the leading edge comes higher up from the floor and you would more likely hit it with the edge than rolling it up the blade, especially on firm grounds. So you'd get even less spin than with a well adjusted 60 degrees. I have a 60 degree for approaches up to 40 meters. Longer approaches I would take my 54 sand or 44 pitching wedge. And I could always open the clubface of the 60 for high flop shots if required.

Dreadn0ught says:

I can't watch a tournament with Stenson or Molinari competing anymore. I start chanting immediately.

Greg Williams says:

I tried a 64 for a while and I didn’t get on with it. As you found, I was not very good at distance control with it, so even if it has a great decent angle, if I can’t land it in the place I want to repeatedly then it is no use. I have a 60 which is enough loft for me to do what I need to out of bunkers and when I need to get it up quick.

ollie hembrough says:

I think James ridyard did a study that showed once you get past 56 degrees you lose spin not gain it.


I carry 46, 52,58 and 64 already…………

Kieran Benson says:

While practicing on the range in Formby golf centre ? to Mike Mawdesley, one day into the wind. Back spin caused the ball back over the bay on a full swing. My point is wind has a massive effect on the ball flight.

John Donnelly says:

Used a 64 when playing a lot of link golf for the one or two occasions I had to pop it over a bunker, especially if short sided

Bean Mcdowall says:

Molanari………… stenson

Rodney Blackwell says:

I have one but the ball keeps going up my left nostril.. I am right handed.

Anthony Jones says:

Open that baby up it ll go backwards

Kim Schröder says:

I would bend it back one degree again…

Benny Garena game says:

I am very excited for the second-hand club challenge

Liam Jones says:

It seems really easy to miss hit it

Heindrich Dyer says:

Couldn't wait for this video. I've hit a 70° and boy out of bunkers its a dream but I had a 80m 88yard shot and I hitted a ful shot but jup short in the water. But the highest ° I've got in the bag is a MD4 56°

Judehas skills says:

I had a putting competition done good got such a hole in 1

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