8 Golf Gear Mistakes… NOT To Make In 2021!

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► In this video, Joel Tadman talks through the eight gear mistakes that golfers should try to avoid making in 2021. We all like to treat ourselves to a new toy, but there are some pitfalls many golfers fall into when choosing new equipment that Joel highlights here to make sure you get the most out of your investment, enjoy your rounds a bit more and hopefully lower your scores.

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Lisa Legros says:

Great video. The only golf lesson you will ever need


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J B says:

Brilliant tips especially about the ball to be used ! I bet many of us have different types and makes – I will be for one changing this weekend to have one brand I really like . Great vid !!

John Hill says:

Great tips besides the range finder but you forgot to mention the most crucial one, after you’ve spent all this money on gear how about a new NECK
With this new NECK it enables you to turn your head to see if we are all waiting to be called through after you have been searching for 10 mins stop having all the gear no idea bloody think of other players who also want a nice day ⛳️?️‍♂️???????

veterinaren says:

To try to minimise waste, buy new spikes rather than shoes

Joe 90 says:

You've got money, equipment will 'transform' your game, you need 'optimum' performance, change your wedges, buy some hybrids, new irons go further, buy more golf balls.'investing!!!!!' . It's always an industry advert.

D.K. Metcalf says:

I agree with everything but the golf shoes… wear those suckers to the ground

Mark Woodward says:

Apps; Garmin golf combined with a Garmin Watch; free app and the watch asks if you want to record that shot…so you do not skew your data on touch shots, tops, or fats.

Rob Jelley says:

Good tips although you forgot the most important one! No equipment is going to make you a better player

Alps P says:

Lol I can’t see anyone turning that range finder functionality off !! ????

Joseph Rye says:

I definitely didn't edit shots in my golfpad app, and I did purchase a new pair of golf shoes. I was on a search for a gamer ball and I think I found it. My plan for the new year is to continue my testing practice, take a sleeve, if I lose those I'm not swinging well anyways so I go to the found balls.

Stephan Jepards says:

Try new stuff, buy new shoes… new this … new that… buy some balls…I think the biggest mistake most golfers make is believing that any new stuff is going to make you play any better. But no wonder that the industry is pushing product, what else should they do to make money. All the vids from the various golf testing channels on YouTube essentially show that relativ to their loft all clubs perform within approx 5% of each other. I strongly doubt that these margins are relevant for 90% of all amateurs…

NineEyeRon says:

8 golf gear mistakes I will make in 2021 (if I had any money)

Trevor Brown says:

Golf ball suiting it's one we always forget about. Great advice for everyone ?

Peter McGill says:

Great tip about editing the stats on club distance. Never done it …til today!

Cody Dennis says:

I'm a 16 handicap and I play 12 year old blades lol am I doing this right? ?‍♂️

Dickie Harkness says:

Very good tips, a couple in there I never thought about. Cheers!

Fiesal Bacchus says:

Delete shots on Arrcos or shot scope? No

E T says:

1 YouTuber mistake not to make in 2021… Pulling stupid faces in thumbnail for video. Its not enticing, its deeply off putting. I haven't watched the video and won't watch any with this nonsense form of promotion. Purely clicked to leave this point. Take it or leave, it is meant as constructive criticism.

Gary Lucas says:

On the point of golf balls you get the maximum out of a golf ball depending on your swing speed , it’s no good me getting the same balls at Bryson or Tiger because they use the balls that are relevant to their swing speed..I’m labouring the point here but what I’m trying to say is that when you look online for the top brands they don’t stipulate what range of balls suite what swing speed apart from the bridgestone rxs that actually stated the desired club head speed

Gary Lucas says:

Can’t see the point of making the slope illegal, maybe for professionals but even then what’s the point ??‍♂️

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