8th Grade Stephen Curry Highlights | Dude Perfect Golf LONG Drives

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The best sports videos on YouTube this week, featuring Stephen Curry dominating in 8th grade, an impossible to explain upside down archery trick shot, Dude Perfect driving golf balls into the sun, and more!

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Upside down archery – http://bit.ly/1EUiI0Y
8th grade Stephen Curry – http://bit.ly/1McwVGX
Dude Perfect long drives – http://bit.ly/1FOm6sd
Boston snow shenanigans – http://bit.ly/1EmBf79
Lords of Gravity Disco Dunks – http://bit.ly/1BDx3xY

What videos did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!

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StarBlaze Games says:

That intro….

Robert Romero says:

pfft, if Captain America had his vibranium-steel alloy shield up, that golf
ball would’ve never taken him on! #Willis4Prez

Keven Gomez says:

Oh just another day at work shooting arrows and throwing golf clubs…

the average bosh says:

Lol those kids on Stephs team just watching him drain 3’s

Leroy Burke says:

hmm lets see nothing because where i live there is no snow it sucks

henry jones says:

I played football on the frozen Chesapeake bay.

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