9-year-old Karl in the 2011 Stuart Appleby Junior Golf’s Signature Tournament

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Event: 2011 Stuart Appleby Junior Golf's “Signature Tournament”
Date: 6th January, 2012
Course: “St Johns Course” at The Heritage Golf Club, Melbourne
Course Designer: Jack Nicklaus
Tees played: Mens- 6061 Meters ( 6628 yards)
Par: 72
Score: 81
Result: 1st Place, Boys Under 12 Gross

The Field comprised 140 players from around Australia.
Karl shot 81 on the Par 72 Layout to win the Boys 12 & Under Gross, plus he also won the Nearest-the-pin on the very difficult Par 3 11th into a strong breeze.

Karl's website is www.karlgolf.info


Karl Vilips says:

I wish I could go back and play as much as you do at your age I regret it
now. Keep it up!

Karl Vilips says:

I wish I could go back and play as much as you do at your age I regret it
now. Keep it up!

Karl Vilips says:

I wish I could go back and play as much as you do at your age I regret it
now. Keep it up!

Joe Pumagolf says:

How far did he hit it at 9

Damien Leonard says:

I’m plAyed with Karl once and he played like a ” like a house on fire.”
keep it up!:)

nico garza says:

what clubs does he use

Dawson Pennington says:

I wish I could go back and play as much as you do at your age I regret it
now. Keep it up!

Karl Vilips says:

81, 9 over from the Men’s Tees of the Jack Nicklaus designed St Johns
Course at The Heritage Golf Club in Melbourne, Australia

stikmunkey says:

Even Chuck Norris would be worry

David Atkin says:

will you/ have you uploaded a video of this year’s tournament?

Karl Vilips says:

Shhh, it’s a secret. Just kidding. You’ll see on Karl’s newest videos in
August 2013 that he’s changed his grip again after going to a Superstroke
putter grip. Those videos are the 2013 US Kids World Championships videos.

Karl Vilips says:

Karl’s Men’s Handicap in Australia is 6.1, with all cards submitted from
club and junior competition from the Men’s White & Blue Tees. Cheers

Sindri Jonson says:

Its a great swing!

Karl Vilips says:

The St John.

BlackTiger2656 says:

Whats his handicap??

Karl Vilips says:

The Mens White (Normal) Tees of 6628 yards. The 2012 video lists all the
yardages, but thanks for asking that, as I’ll put it in this video’s
“description” too. Some tournaments Karl plays here are from the longer
Mens Championship Tees (incl the 2012 Spring Valley, 2012 Victorian Junior
Masters), but because this is the only tourney for the year with the
younger Under 12 Years, they brought the tees forward to just 6628 yards.

DanielJohnston30 says:

awesome, that kids very good

DanielJohnston30 says:


Braydon bean says:

were do they tee off from

teenblues says:

sweet swing. great fundamentals. but was wondering, is there a reason he
has a backward ball position for the driver?

Karl Vilips says:

Normally, Karl will put the ball back a little further to generate more
Draw. However, there’s no reson why he should have the ball quite so far
back. It’s purely an awareness issue that he needs to deal with by using an
alignment tool more often. Thanks for pointing that out,

techandgamesguy says:

Is this the henley or the st john

Karl Vilips says:

HO works hard at it. Cheers

Karl Vilips says:

Well… don’t know about that, but he’s trying hard to get a full ride at
the best College in a few years time.

Karl Vilips says:

Yes, Karl played it again this year and won the same age group again. Cheers

Lax Bands says:

what clubs do you have?

PS3gamer379 says:

What did he win. Good job mate on the win, keep an eye out for ya in a few
years ay 🙂

Joe Sheehan says:

Amen to Benny G

BlackTiger2656 says:

Thats the best golfer that I ever have saw!!

auimpact says:

nice swing and great player. where do you get the ideas for shafts and
flexes, etc.

Karl Vilips says:

Yes, it’s titled Karl in the Stuart Appleby Junior Golf’s 2012 “Signature
Tournament” It was uploaded last month. Cheers

Peter van der Griend says:

good job kid

luke quinton says:

how does carrying your bag make you a better player exactly ?

Zeth Peterka says:

wow you are good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Karl Vilips says:

Absolutely. Oddly enough, Karl’s a little embarrassed about doing
commentary. We will get around to it soon though. Thanks for your input.

BlackTiger2656 says:

Ohhh thats very very nice ,i golf too but my handicap is 45.One month ago i
have started to play golf.:-)

Karl Vilips says:

@auimpact Thanks for your support for Karl. The shaft and heads is so
extremely complex. I’ve had to learn it all from trial’and’error, but by
the time he was 7 I’d gotten it pretty right. There’s not enough space to
explain it here, but I’ll write an explanation in the Feedback section of
Karl’s website Karlgolf.info. Give me an hour or so to get that hammered

Tommy Gripenstraw says:

what clubs does he play with

NIck Green says:

Good golfer, rubbish swing.

Karl Vilips says:

Cheers, and thanks for your support

Karl Vilips says:

200+ Meters, which is 220+ yards. Cheers

Karl Vilips says:

@bjsarr The Under 14 & Under 12 age divisions both played from the White
Tees, which measured around 6000 meters (6600 yards), whereas the u/18 boys
played from the tournament tees of 6500 meters (7150 yards)

Karl Vilips says:

Karl turned 11 Years of age in the 2nd half of August, so was 10 when this
was taken. Cheers

Karl Vilips says:

Mmm, maybe, as he won the 9-10 Years at the Callaway Junior Worlds in July
2012. Cheers

3hockeychic says:

did anyone else notice when he puts his right hand is on top instead of his
left, but his other swings are the normal way??

jordangolf7 says:

is karl playing in this tournament this year

hayden brooke says:

whats you handi cap

saw1751 says:

How far does he hit his driver

EverydayHype says:

Im 14 and i golf as well, check out my vids

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