95% of Golfers Do This WRONG when Hitting Their Irons!

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Stop hitting your irons thin and start hitting it like the pros. #mrshortgame #subscribe

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Scott says:

Gosh. Why do yanks ramble on so much. It literally took 3 minutes of an 8 minute video to actually get to the point.

Tyler says:

Matt, thank you for the very informative training videos. I have been putting in work with your drills and building my strength. My rotation is way better, my shots are straight, and consistent.

Eric Scott says:

Good advice but why are you coaching like you’re a Disney employee? Maybe trying to target young golfers. If so, you succeeded

RSL says:

I swear to god golf has the most back and forth bs instructions from anyone and everyone. The whole game is contradictory. 😂

Notoureus1 says:

Hi, I'm pretty new to the channel and so far the loving your drills. I've been playing golf for 30 years now but always feel my impact with my irons is always hit or miss. and most of my bad shots I tend to pull left or they just don't feel pure. with that I was wondering if you analyze swings if I sent you some videos of my swing?

AimlessAdventuring says:

This sounds so over complicated

larry fort says:

Holy flip Batman!

Deen IY says:

I've been playing for about 14 months now, I wanted to know this from day 1 already, thanks.

Kraedos GG Gaming says:

Your cadence makes this a very difficult video to get through.

thomas train says:

Great video! 👍

Buddha Tbay says:

I don't know that I agree that by pressing the hands forward, that it will open the club face. When starting the backswing, the club should actually look like it is closed when the hands get waist high, unless you are consciously rolling your hands backwards (death move). Yet, at impact it is actually square to target line. There has to be some leaning of the club at impact in order to compress the ball before hitting turf. Having said that, you provide some good points and I like this video and the drills that you have provided. Thank you.

FDK says:

Dude your gonna ruin someone's game bad!

kyle truchard says:

Your advice changes month to month. I assume it's because you're still learning and growing and adapting to new things in your own game. But there really should be a disclaimer that you are not a professional coach. Just for example, your chipping advice goes against every professional coaching session i've ever got and the advice of top tour professionals.

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